Aston investigators close in on 2016 suspect in John D’Amico murder – CBS Philly

ASTON, Pennsylvania (CBS) – Aston Township Police are working to solve a five-year murder case. John D’Amico, 31, was found shot to death inside his own home, and the attacker is still at large.

It was Labor Day 2016 and the sound of fireworks echoed through this Aston Township neighborhood. It was after 9 at night, but something was wrong.

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Neighbors called 911, explaining that they believed they heard what sounded like gunshots.

“Somebody had the wherewithal to figure out that these fireworks weren’t right and they sounded a little different and they took their time and called the police,” said Aston Township Detective Joe Nardone.

Nardone believes that the timing of the fireworks shots was intentional.

“I think this was done intentionally. The timing was precisely chosen, ”Nardone said.

D’Amico was found with a single gunshot wound to the head.

Nardone has been the lead investigator on the homicide case from day one.

“Mr. D’Amico was found inside your home, but his body was such that his head was outside the front door, but this body was still in the hall,” Nardone said, “so the investigators, myself , they think John was trying, trying to run away from the house when he was shot. “

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Aston Township Police have strong leads in their investigation, with information and statements implicating a man they have described as a suspect. However, he is currently incarcerated in another case.

“We have a suspect. It is more than a person of interest. The police have come across that person in the past, many times. But right now, right now, there just isn’t enough information, ”Nardone said.

Investigators say even jail interviews have helped the case.

“In fact, a cellmate came and approached the police and we spoke to them and took statements from them, however, it is still not enough to overcome that threshold,” said Nardone.

Police did not reveal theories about a possible motive.

Detectives say D’Amico left behind a large extended family, many of whom await justice in the five-year case.

Nardone says he thinks of D’Amico often and wants to give his family closure after all this time.

“John comes to me. John talks to me and I don’t forget John, ”Nardone said. “I think there are people who have some information and who can really dig into this research.”

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If you have information, call Aston Township Police Department detectives at 610-497-2633.


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