Backup all your data with pCloud lifetime cloud storage (75% off for Black Friday)

For just a one-time purchase, you can backup all your important data with pCloud. Whether you’ve accumulated years of precious photo memories or thousands of work documents, that stuff is irreplaceable. Cloud backup is the most convenient way to keep copies of your files in an emergency.

With pCloud, you can store or store just about anything you want with 500GB or 2TB storage plans. Best of all, there’s no monthly subscription: pCloud offers lifetime cloud storage for just one price. Save 75% on a lifetime subscription in pCloud’s Black Friday sale now.

Many companies today offer backup services, including Google, of course, but they all charge recurring monthly subscription fees. pCloud is different in that they offer lifetime plans, so you only have to pay once. And they’re even more affordable right now with 75% off Black Friday. You can get 2 TB of storage for just $245, or 500 GB for only $122.50.

Over 14 million people already rely on pCloud for their data, the most affordable and most secure cloud storage platform out there. For the privacy conscious, all transferred data goes through TLS/SSL and is securely stored on servers around the world. You can even choose whether you want to store your data in the US or the EU; a great feature for customers concerned about where exactly their sensitive data is stored.

pCloud cloud storage can be used just like any other hard drive in the air. Save and sync almost anything. To make backing up your devices like your laptop or Android phone easier, pCloud offers the pCloud Drive app for Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows and more.

You simply download the app to your machine and select a folder to sync. Whenever new files are added to that folder, they are automatically uploaded to pCloud Drive. Any edits or adjustments are also synced automatically.

pCloud keeps all old versions of your files for 30 days, so if malware tried to delete your local drive, your files would still be safely available in pCloud for you to download again. You don’t have to worry about file size or speed limits either.

Even if you mainly use pCloud Drive for backup, it also means that you can access all your files on the go with the pCloud app for Android and iOS. You can even use your pCloud storage as a remote server for your music collection, with fast streaming of your songs.

You can also set the pCloud mobile apps to keep a copy of your photo library so that every new photo you take is also uploaded to pCloud for safekeeping. And unlike Google One storage plans, you can buy pCloud for a lifetime and not be tied to a recurring monthly payment.

pCloud is also great for easy file sharing. You can create a public link from any of the files or folders uploaded to your pCloud account. Then you share the link with friends and family so they can download your public files – much less hassle than wondering if a file is too large to send via email. For the person on the other end who receives it, they just click on the link and download the files through their browser.

Most cloud storage services — especially ones that offer a whopping 2TB of storage like pCloud — cost upwards of $10 a month. $10 a month, every month, indefinitely. But pCloud gives you the same features for a much more affordable one-time price. Lifetime storage and you only pay once. It’s a great deal right now thanks to their Black Friday sales, so head over to to save 75% on the 500GB and 2TB Lifetime plans.

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