Banks actor grills witness who said eating red meat is ‘alt-right’

Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) questioned at a hearing Wednesday a witness as to why she tweeted that eating red meat was the “far right.”

The hearing was arranged by Democrats on the topic of “domestic violent extremist groups and the recruitment of veterans” as part of the Democrats’ effort to tackle “extremism” in the military and among veterans in the wake of protests at the Capitol on January 6.

One Democrat Witness, Cynthia Miller-Idris, director of the Polarization, Extremism and Innovation Research Lab at American University, has tweeted multiple times throughout 2020 and this year about how red meat is.

Miller Idris tweeted on August 13, 2020:

Using the term “red meat” like this is part of a long line of messages about meat, masculinity, and what “government” or “liberals” are trying to get rid of. … The consumption of red meat is championed by the far right as a celebration of manhood.

She tweeted again about “red meat” on February 20 saying:

Lots of interest in red meat and the far right circling this week, so jump here to recommend my discussion on this topic in the chapter on food and fashion at Hate in the Homeland.

There is a lot going on but in short, red meat eating ‘real’ Americans contrasts with eating soy and vulnerable liberals who want to get rid of American hamburgers and impose veganism as a strategy to reduce greenhouse gases. In the extreme, there is an all-meat diet, which indicates a hyper-male type of manhood, hunter and predator.

Banks, a Navy veteran, criticized the hearing as “violently offensive” and questioned Miller Idris about why he tweeted that eating red meat was “right-wing.” Banks said:

Mr. President, I hope every veteran of America watching this hearing today will hear from you and the majority party in control of this committee that our veterans are so stupid and prone to becoming domestic terrorists that you and the Democrats have to save them.

“It’s very aggressive and dangerous. I wish we were talking about a lot of other issues like rising veteran suicide rates and other issues affecting veterans but we’re starting again.”

He noted that the Biden administration’s domestic counterterrorism strategy did not include violent far-left groups, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter, even though they caused $2 billion in damage nationwide in the riots last summer.

He told Miller Idris:

You have made many disturbing statements that may lead people to question your credibility. In eight tweets on Twitter on August 13, she stated that “eating meat is used to evoke both pro-American and anti-government sentiment” and that “red meat consumption is seen by the far right as a celebration of manhood.” “

Banks also asked her about her tweet which indicated that “far-right” soup kitchens were putting pork in their lentil soup “to exclude Muslims and Jews.”

Does eating red meat make a person an extremist? asked her.

Miller Idris replied, “Of course not, eating red meat does not make a person an extremist any more than being a service member makes a person an extremist.” She also claimed that she was a “red carnivore” herself.

She noted that talking about red meat was a “manipulative tactic” used by some extremist groups.

Banks called her speech “dangerous”. He said:

When putative academics portray normal everyday behavior as problematic, it denigrates an entire community of peaceful people and this leads to policies like the one we currently see in the FBI now investigating parents as extremists for opposing critical race theory.

Another Democratic witness, Jeremy Butler, chief executive of US Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, accused Banks of “blackout” and “disinformation.”

Banks concluded: “A. Chairman, I think this hearing is offensive and the fact that you’re going to save veterans from becoming political terrorists is offensive to every veteran of America.”

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