Bears call news about Matt Nagy’s imminent firing a “complete lie”

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The Bears have come up with a curious way of dealing with a local Pulitzer winner’s message that Coach Matt Nagy is on his way.

Other than Nagy saying at his midweek press conference that the report he was told he will be fired after today’s game in Detroit is “not accurate,” none of the Bears have filed to dispute it. Not chairman George McCaskey. Not team president Ted Phillips. Not GM Ryan Pace.

Instead, on multiple occasions, the Bears have leaked the idea that the report is false. First, it was the report that McCaskey told the players that the report is false. Now’s Adam Schefter says this: “George McCaskey and Ted Phillips told [Nagy] this week’s report was a ‘complete lie,” according to sources. No one has told Nagy that he will be fired.”

That’s fine. But why not say it on the record? And why agree to push this stuff without insisting anyone go on record?

If it really is a ‘complete lie’, why not say it? It’s a strange way to handle the situation. While Nagy certainly appreciates the personal assurances he’s been given, he’d probably feel a little better about the situation if the Bears issued a clear and unambiguous statement about the situation.

As explained before, Bears fans will find out later in the day if there is a change coming or not. And it’s entirely possible that the initial report and response to it forced the Bears to abandon any plans they had made to make a change after today’s game.

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