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The BPF Secretary General, Tshekedi Khama, said the connection is demographic and as such, they will be able to reach their members via WhatsApp and Facebook. “One of the reasons we launched this digital platform is that we stop relying on coverage from Botswana Television (Btv) or other media platforms. We want our members to be able to see the ongoing party activities. Again, it will be easier for us to connect with members whenever they face challenges in their areas. And also to see the progress of the party.Even our structures will be able to share information that members need to know on these platforms, Khama said in an interview on Wednesday.

He said the platform will help them reach some of the people who want to join the party as it has ways in which they can apply online for membership cards. In addition, he said that one does not need to go to the BPF office to apply for membership because the online platforms have everything that is required to complete the required process. He continued, “The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to do things differently and cheaply for voters. It is easy for us to address members through these platforms without necessarily organizing a rally we are used to.

We want to recruit people’s ideas and get them through our platform.” He said they have since realized that things will never go back to normal anytime soon, but the general election of 2024 is not far away and therefore, they are forced to work hard to recruit members and also to revive the structures.

Khama said people should know that their party is still new and that the pandemic has affected them because they were unable to visit other areas of the country to publicize the party. However, in this regard, he said that the way their system works, it will help them to register voters’ names easily when there are elections without conflict. “We don’t want a system in which our primary elections are trafficked like what was happening during the Botswana Democratic Party primary.

We were simply showing our members how some things are different from other parties and how one can engage a member and a lay person using one of the platforms,” he said. On another topic, Khama said his party has made a decision to help some unemployed youth where possible with business ideas as well as on how to advance for government programmes.

Meanwhile, University of Botswana political science lecturer Mukaluba Mukaluba said this is a positive step by the BPF and will work for the BPF. “Anyone embracing technology in this age is in the right direction because that is where one can attract people. Even the discussions now are on Twitter, Facebook etc. It will be easy for one to access their statement and any other relevant information regarding a ceremony.

Other political parties should establish benchmarks for them. “It will even help them recruit members,” Mukaluba said.

He said that political parties have to accept that things are no longer the way they used to, especially in areas such as large towns and villages. He added that technology could help parties reduce costs as they could continue to hold meetings online.


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