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While rain ravages the nation’s capital throughout the month, there is a silver lining to the clouds for the weekend. There was a severe weather warning for parts of the ACT Friday, with Canberra experiencing its wettest November on record this month. The ACT received 147.8mm of rain in November, breaking the previous record of 138.2mm set in 1995. Stephen Stefanac, senior forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology, said the rain would soon subside. “A shower or two can linger for the rest of the day” [Friday] and Saturday, but the worst conditions are now over and rainfall should be light from now on,” he said. “Sunday we may see some sunny breaks and a lot of sunshine is expected Monday, with temperatures rising again and things “IN OTHER NEWS: There is a 40 percent chance of rain on Saturday, with up to 1mm of rain expected. The chance of sunny skies is higher on Sunday, with just a 5 percent chance of rain forecast and a maximum temperature of 19 degrees. The rivers Queanbeyan and Molonglo was flooded Friday, caused by moderate rainfall in the Queanbeyan basin last night. The Queanbeyan River near Queens Bridge is expected to peak about 4.4 meters by the end of Friday. READ MORE: Mr Stefanac said a deep low pressure trough caused the flooding.” The rainfall that led to this flooding was caused by a deep low pressure trough that passed through the region, carrying much moisture from the tropics, resulting in moderate to localized heavy rainfall. cross the ACT and the surrounding area,” he said. BOM issued a severe weather warning Friday for western portions of the ACT as a deepening low-pressure system off the NSW coast caused gusty southeast winds over the southern mountain ranges.”[The warning is primarily for] the Brindabella Ranges, so be careful if you go that way tonight,” said Mr. Stefanac. “This wind should abate tonight. Winds in the Canberra metro are not expected to be strong and could be cool and gusty at times for the rest of today and Saturday. Expect less wind on Sunday.” Our journalists work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community, so you can continue to have access to our trusted content:


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