For the first time ever, scientists have detected light behind a black hole, proving Einstein’s theory | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel

The black hole’s intense gravity alters the paths of light coming from different parts of the disk, resulting in a distorted image. (NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Jeremy Schnittman) Black holes are often gigantic, mysterious and invisible, and have an extremely strong gravitational pull, which makes them one of the most sought-after space puzzles. Even a … Read more

Google Human Doodles from Turkana: 5 Quick Facts to Know

Google / Smithsonian Turkana Human Google Doodle The Turkana Man fossil is celebrated on August 1, 2021, Google Doodle. Although this is the term Google gave the doodle, the fossil is more commonly known as “Turkana boy”. Turkana Man was a fossil discovered in 1995 by Kamuya Kimio, a Kenyan who was part of a … Read more

Russia blames program failure for ‘unexpected’ ISS missile launch

The Russian-made Nauka module has approached the docking station of the International Space Station. Oleg Novitsky / Roscosmos First, the good news. The Russian-made Nauka laboratory has been successfully established with the International Space Station Thursday morning. Now, the bad news: Nauka “unintentionally and unexpectedly” fired its thrusters after docking, causing the ISS to lose … Read more

Russian astronauts give a video tour of the unit that shook the space station

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian cosmonauts took a video tour of a research module that briefly spinned the International Space Station out of control on Thursday, just hours after it docked. Russian space officials said a software glitch and the potential for human attention were to blame for the accident, which caused the entire space station … Read more

Astronomers unexpectedly find a strange planetary system where day and night look exactly alike

Astronomers have discovered a strange new planet just 35 light-years from Earth where day and night look exactly the same. The exoplanet, called Coconuts-2b, is a gas giant six times the mass of Jupiter and orbits a low-mass red dwarf star more than nine hundred billion kilometers from it — 6000 times more than the … Read more

All eyes are on the weather as Boeing looks forward to Tuesday’s Starliner launch

Weather concerns persist as NASA and Boeing look to launch starliner Capsule on an unmanned vital test flight to International Space Station On Tuesday (August 3). The launch is targeted at 1:20 p.m. EDT (1720 GMT), and current weather patterns favor afternoon showers and thunderstorms along Florida’s east coast, according to the 45 . Weather … Read more