Belarusian runner refuses to leave Tokyo, says she had to go to Politico

Belarusian sprinter Kristina Tsimanoskaya refused to board a plane leaving Tokyo on Sunday after saying she was forced to go to the airport by her national Olympic team after criticism of her coaching staff. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said in a tweet That she spoke with Tsimanouskaya and that a Tokyo 2020 employee is … Read more

Demonstrators in Germany slam ‘unbearable level of arrogance’ as lockdown fears loom

Thousands of people took to Berlin on Sunday to protest against the German government’s anti-coronavirus measures despite a ban on gatherings, leading to clashes with police and the detention of some 600 protesters. Local authorities banned several different protests this weekend, including one from the Stuttgart-based Querdenker movement, but protesters in Berlin defied the ban. … Read more

China tests millions as coronavirus cases rise at Nanjing airport | China

Chinese cities have mass-tested millions of people and imposed new travel restrictions as health authorities struggle to contain the country’s most widespread outbreak of the coronavirus in months. On Sunday, China reported 75 new cases of the coronavirus with 53 cases of local transmission, with a cluster linked to an eastern airport now reported to … Read more

US blames Iran for drone attack on oil tanker linked to Israel

The United States joined the United Kingdom and Israel on Sunday in blaming Iran for a deadly drone attack last week on an oil tanker linked to Israel near the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, and the United States said it would work with allies to develop a response to the incident. . … Read more

‘Safe space for racists’: Anti-Semitic report criticizes social media giants | Social media

According to a new report, there has been a serious and systemic failure to tackle anti-Semitism across the five largest social media platforms, resulting in a “safe space for racists”. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok failed to act on 84% of posts spreading hate and anti-Jewish propaganda reported via the platforms’ official complaints system. … Read more

Olympic athlete from Belarus seeks sanctuary in Japan for fear of imprisonment at home

A Belarusian runner said Sunday she was under the protection of Japanese police after her country’s Olympic committee tried and failed to forcibly deport her after she criticized her coaches for registering her in a wrong event. Runner, Kristina Timanovskaya, announced Sunday evening on Instagram that she has sought protection in Japan because she fears … Read more

YouTube suspends Sky News Australia over COVID-19 videos

Sky News Australia has been temporarily suspended by YouTube over videos that the Google-owned video service claims violate its COVID-19 policies. The 24-hour cable channel owned by News Corp, which also owns The Post, saw its YouTube account blacked out on Thursday after a review of the Page’s content allegedly exposed videos denying the existence … Read more

Jacinda Ardern apologizes for the 1970s immigration crackdown on the Pacific Islands: NPR

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, seen above at a COVID-19 press conference in August 2020, has apologized for the dawn raids in the 1970s. Mark Mitchell/AFP Hide caption Caption switch Mark Mitchell/AFP New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, seen above at a COVID-19 press conference in August 2020, has apologized for the dawn raids … Read more

Ashley Judd walks again after Congo accident that broke her leg: ‘It’s a new leg’

Ashley Judd is slowly but surely recovering. The 53-year-old actress and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador briefed her fans on her current health, which has left her with “quiet reverence and awe,” she posted on Instagram Sunday. Ashley Judd Shares “GRUELING 55-HOUR” Accident Rescue Photos Judd’s six-slide post shows videos and photos of her recent hike … Read more