Chairman of the Sharia Council of the Small and Medium Enterprises Center stops polygamy – Fajr

FAJAR.CO.ID, MAKASSAR – Chairman of the Central Sharia Board (DSP) of the PKS, Surahman Hidayat canceled Tazkirah No. 12 on pandemic-affected solidarity, one of its points recommending polygamy for male PKS members who are able and willing to have more than one wife.

“After receiving various inputs from the board of directors, members and the general public, we have decided to withdraw the polygamy recommendation. We apologize if this proposal has caused public unrest and wounded the hearts of some Indonesians,” Surahman said on September 30.

According to Sauermann, for PKS, the current focus is to ease the economic burden on people affected by the pandemic, especially orphans.

“Our main concern is to help alleviate the economic hardships of society due to the impact of the pandemic,” he said.

Sorahman emphasized that PKS continues to succeed in its program to deal with the pandemic, saying, “It is time for us to get involved in programs that the community really needs.” (Rule)


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