Chinese restaurant known for late-night dining finds new home in Toronto nightclub

A restaurant you love to eat late at night is now regularly popping up in a crowded club, meaning you don’t even have to go out the door to get to the drive-thru when you’re getting those midnight munchies.

Hong Shing launched a pop-up menu at Rebel nightclub on November 20, which consists of varying Asian-inspired snacks and will be available every Saturday.

Hong Shing’s announcement has been posted on Instagram. Photo by Hong Shing.

“Now we have the chance to create an experience with you,” reads an announcement Hong Shing posted on their Instagram story.

You can choose from an affordable small plate, such as an order of four spring rolls with horseradish cream for $10 to a festive platter with everything on the menu plus extras for $100.

You can expect options like spicy shrimp skewers ($18), golden dumplings with sambal mayo ($18), wings ($14), and ginger shallot noodles ($12).

Some options of spicy shrimp skewers and golden dumplings are Hong Shing signatures, but there will also be new options like the ginger shallot noodles you can’t get at Hong Shing right now and is made with a new ginger scallion spice.

rebel hong shing toronto

An example of a Hong Shing menu at Rebel. Photo by Hong Shing.

Hong Shing has been a staple of Toronto’s late night food scene since the mid-1990s and is known for their take on iconic dishes like General Tao chicken. Prior to the lockdowns they serve people until 5am

“We’ve built our reputation for being open late, and most of our guests usually came after their late-night festivities,” Hong Shing owner Colin Li tells blogTO.

When lockdowns blocked not only nightlife but also the wee hours of the morning parties that came with it, Hong Shing went overtime and continued to evolve their brand.

“From creating new seasonal dishes, branded bags, lifestyle merchandise and curated bar program, we want guests to feel like they had one of the best nights out at Hong Shing,” says Li.

“We believe our partnership with Rebel will help create the experience we’ve always wanted for our guests. Having been open late for the past two decades, we have expertise in what our guests want for food and flavors.”

Rebel is not only a dance club in the Port Lands, it is also a music venue that hosts major acts. A big plate of Chinese food would be the perfect way to end a night here, but now you can make it a great way to keep the party going.

“We may have started as a late night restaurant, but we believe that with this opportunity we can evolve and be part of curating the overnight experience for our guests,” says Li.


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