Colorado cancer patient struggles to get ski tickets back: Problem solving helps

SPRINGS, CO (KDVR) – A Steamboat Springs snowboarder, facing the battle of his life against cancer, provides words of inspiration to the world. Jill Basilio simply says, Never give up.

Residents of Steamboat Springs usually do at least 70 days a year.

“You’re right there doing the spinning and making you forget any of your problems,” he said.

Basilio told problem analysts that his days on the slopes won’t be the same this year, a painful reality that he bravely faces.

“Having your gear ready in the morning, the excitement of riding and spending time with your friends is what I will miss the most,” he said.

Basilio’s stage IV cancer has spread from his lungs to his shoulder, neck and skull.

“I was in shock. I lead a very healthy lifestyle,” he said.

Basilio said the diagnosis had a major impact on his outlook on life.

“It’s starting at dawn, there are all these little things that I won’t be able to part with anymore,” he said.

Basilio contacted FOX31 to resolve the issue when a refund of his ski ticket, which cost nearly $1,000, was denied.

“I was shocked at first because at least I thought they would give me something back if I wasn’t going to use it,” he said.

The troubleshooting program contacted Aikon with a description of the situation.

Senior management responded, and reached out to Basilio personally.

“They were willing to make an exception and (they said) they hope I can get better and maybe one day I’ll be on the slopes again,” he said.

Basilio expresses his gratitude for the company’s interest in expressing, “I’m so grateful he made my day happy and it’s just one ball of less stress that I have to deal with.”

Basilio is undergoing chemotherapy in Steamboat Springs. An inspiration to all, he’s fighting hard for a chance to get on his board and ride the slopes again.

Basilio did not have insurance on the purchase of his pass, Ikon’s Adventure Assurance program provides full credit for the purchase price of an unused pass under certain conditions. You can find more information on the Ikon website.


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