Corrupt anti-fascism from the left –

Anti-fascism is a holy battle, the laws that preserve democracy against so-called “regurgitation” (what a strange expression) it is the safety that protects its universality. However, anti-fascism must be propagated and protected precisely in the name of democracy, all of it. But it does not work that way when anti-fascism becomes a “militant”.

From this point of view, the enemy was historically right. Since the end of World War II, the left has had a good time getting rid of its crimes and mistakes by dyeing only the waters of human rights abuses “black”. The fight against fascism and the glorification of the partisan epic developed, leaving the dream of freedom to be superimposed on the dream of a socialist or communist society. And so anti-fascism lost its universality, and that was a shame.

Part of the resistance, the Catholic Ducetti, Guerreri, Tina Anselmi and the priests who fled to the mountains, was canceled by the red partisan figure. Moreover, for the anti-fascist narrative, the Russian victory over the Germans was made mythological despite the fact that communism showed many similarities to right-wing totalitarianism from the start: excessive nationalism, militarism, glorification and use of violence, youth fascination, masculinity, and Leader cult, obedience block, hierarchy and militarism, as well as racism and anti-Semitic hatred.
Double standards have always been a feature of anti-fascist militants. The Jewish Brigade, which in a heroic miracle, in the midst of the Holocaust, brought “Palestinian” Jewish youths to fight on our land against the Nazi fascists, has been repudiated and denigrated at the Anbi demonstrations because Israel is not welcome in the left. Were they not anti-fascists? Wasn’t it the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini who planned with Hitler to exterminate the Jews? How many were accused of fascism just because they didn’t stay?

The work to restore national unity around the resistance was courageous, but the term anti-fascist should ignore political affiliation, because the genesis of the Italian Republic must eventually become a common heritage. But how difficult it is to swallow this frog when the cultural roots are digging into the common, acquired and politically arranged ground of socialism.
This is true for the whole of Europe, vague and seductive: you say democracy, but you allude to the socialist utopia, for which you yearn least. Indeed, many of the difficulties of the European Union lie in the post-war dream, when anti-fascism took on the socialist dream instead of dealing with the subjectivity of European countries. Because even the word “nation” might not be a bad word, if it did not have oppressive and broad aims. It is necessary to seriously overthrow the ideologies of the twentieth century in order to remain true anti-fascists. Any democracy lovers.

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