COVID: New numbers reveal number of COVID shots given in South East London

THE number of Covid shots given to residents of South East London has been revealed.

More than 2 million doses of the shot have been administered, according to Coronavirus data.

Bromley hits the highest number of stabbed locals at 467,299, while Dartford remains the lowest at 149,734.

Bexley’s council urges people to get the vaccine when called upon.

How many vaccinations have been given so far (both doses)?

Dartford: 149,734

Bexley: 330.688

Lewisham: 370,724

Greenwich: 361,328

Southwark: 419,427

Bromley: 467,299

More than 113 million shots have been given in the UK.

However, the UK registered a further 44,917 cases on Monday, an increase of 8.4 percent from the previous seven days.

The age group over 40 was also called forward to receive their booster shot.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed on Twitter: “Great booster news: 16 million people have come forward and supplemented their protection with a booster shot.

“We know that vaccine immunity weakens over time. The best thing you can do this winter to protect yourself and others is #GetBoosted once you qualify.”

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The data does not include booster shots that are also administered.

The data was collected using the information published on the government’s coronavirus dashboard.

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