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By Peta Fuller

NT’s COVID cluster could grow today

That’s because health authorities say: 157 test results from remote areas are about to come back.

The Australian Defense Force is currently helping local authorities transport close contacts and positive business to Howard Springs.

More than 200 people from across the area have already been taken to Howard Springs to be quarantined over the outbreak.

Two cases were announced yesterday, both in Katherine, with nearby remote communities binjari and rock hole no new cases registered since we went into a tougher lockdown over the weekend.

By Peta Fuller

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Problems persist for some NSW residents trying to enter SA – ABC News

By Peta Fuller

The fully vaxxed take full advantage of SA .’s relaxed border restrictions

Some Happy People at Borders and Airports Today – and ABC News Breakfast’s Steph Ferrier spoke to some of them.

Sharon and Julian Novoa were among the passengers taking the early morning flights to Adelaide from Melbourne.

Sharon flies over to see her family for the first time since January.

“As soon as we heard that the border was opening, we thought yes, we’re going to book the tickets and visit her,” she said.

“It’s been hard knowing we’re not home and we can’t see each other… but we’re excited to see her today.”

By Peta Fuller

Tourists can skip areas with low vaccination coverage

That’s what some experts have warned, including the head of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Daniel Gschwind.

Vaccination rates in tourist locations such as cairns and the Pentecost follow the rest of the state.

“Before COVID, well-being and safety was a top priority for people, but I think it’s not just high now, it’s at the top of the list and we need to be very aware of that as an industry,” said Mr Gschwind.

Here’s what Queensland’s rates look like now:

ABC news

By Peta Fuller

key moment

By Peta Fuller

key moment

South Australia has opened its borders

Double-dosed travelers from New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT can go in now South Australia quarantine free and must complete an application through the EntryCheck website.

However, those coming from LGAs with less than 80 percent vaccination coverage and community transmission must be quarantined.

You can check the risk of your LGA here and according to SA Health the information is: updated weekly, “based on Australian Government vaccination data and additional public health information, taking into account variations in data”.

For vaccinated international arrivals, the quarantine time is also reduced to 7 days.

We also have Rebecca Opie’s explain here about the new rules for SA, if you’d like to get there.

By Peta Fuller

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