Coyote terrorizing Toronto park shot dead by police

A coyote believed to have attacked several people in a Toronto park was shot by police and died Monday.

Two people were bitten by a coyote the day before in Bayview Village Park following a string of other recent sightings in the area.

Some people said there may be more than one coyote roaming the park.

The city commented on Sunday’s attacks, saying Toronto Animal Services and the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force were in the park all day to find and capture the coyote.

Toronto Police Department tells blogTO that the city’s Animal Protection Department has issued a call for the animal to be shot.

“There were concerns that the animal would continue to roam and from a public safety point of view it was decided to release the animal,” the police said.

The coyote was found and shot near Hollywood Public School in North York, agents say.

Police told blogTO that a member of the school saw the coyote and called officers just before 8 a.m. Monday morning.

Apparently, Animal Services made the call to fire because they believed the now-dead coyote was theโ€ฆ the same one that bit two people near Bayview.

The city tells blogTO that non-lethal means of capturing the coyote have been considered.

“After consultation with wildlife experts at the Toronto Wildlife Center, it was determined that this would not guarantee a safe capture of the coyote and was not a viable option,” a city spokesperson said.

At the immediate risk to the public, the coyote was euthanized on the spot at the Hollywood Public School.

Some Torontonians were upset when they heard the news that the coyote had been killed.

Others felt that shooting was not the right move and said humans have taken over the natural habitat.

Another person speculated on the possibility that the coyote might get by because it was being fed by someone.

The city now says it is sending the coyote’s body to be tested for rabies to ensure the safety of the two people who were bitten on Sunday.

Toronto Animal Services is continuing an investigation into the incident to see if it was intentional feeding and to find out what made the coyote act in the first place.


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