Culley Daclares Tyrod Taylor starts QB when he returns

With the Houston Texans slipping to 1-4 this season last Sunday, and with the next three games including a divisional road game, and two games against the Arizona and Los Angeles Rams (two of the best teams in football), the Texans are out of the question to age 1. -7 in a few weeks. In fact, that’s the heaviest candidate right now, as Texans were a 10-point underdog this weekend to their worst of three opponents, the Colts.

As the season continues to slide into the abyss, it makes sense that the number of interesting Texas stories dwindle, to where “Who starts in the middle the rest of the season?” It’s one of the few compelling talking points. Currently, rookie Davis Mills is making his best start as a pro, a 312-yard pass performance against the Patriots. He will start at least one more game this weekend, as Tyrod Taylor continues to recover from a hamstring injury in Week 2.

It seems that if Mills continues to show signs of life, but the team’s record continues to fall apart, playing Mills would make a lot of sense (a) giving him some experience, and (b) getting a clear assessment of him before the next spring draft, where the team can He chooses the best young midfielder. Taylor is 32 and even if he plays well, he’s not the future. If nothing else, it’s only on a one-year contract.

So, with these nuances in mind, Seth Payne and I were Texas General Manager Nick Caserio on our show yesterday on SportsRadio 610, and we asked him about the possibility of Taylor returning to his starting position when he returns from his hamstring injury:

“When Tyrod is ready to go, wherever that is, we will assess the situation, and ultimately we will make the decision that we feel is best for our team. Going to before he got injured, or even to the point where he was injured, Tyrod played really well. He played really well. So, things change and we will take it one day at a time and then make the decision that we feel is best, we will not pre-determine anything, we will not do anything until we reach that position.”

Here is the response to this:

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Therefore, Caserio, in a typical fashion, left the door open to all options. Oddly enough, just three hours later, head coach David Cooley was asked the same question in his media presence on Wednesday and took a direct and tough approach to dealing with Taylor’s comeback:

“When Tyrod comes back healthy, he’s the starting quarterback,” he said.

You can hear the expanded version of the conversation with the media here, in which, among other things, Cooley says he doesn’t think players who are injured should lose their essential functions due to the injury. In other words, they have to go back to their roles at first, which is ironic, given that his boss was in the building in New England in 2001 when Drew Bledsoe got injured, replaced by some dude named Tom Brady, and never saw his start. The job again (Brady became the greatest player who ever lived):

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For what it’s worth, if the results of this survey are any indication, Culley’s decision to start Taylor will, as of now, be the most popular one:

In the end, the main takeaway here is not so much about the midfielders, and more about the head coach taking cues from his general manager. Either the two did not discuss at length one of the most important topics in balancing the season, or, more likely, Cooley was more outspoken than his general manager would like.

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