Current Market Landscape and Likely Future Potential to 2030

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The Telemedicine Tools and Software Providers market report includes a comprehensive study of the current market landscape and the likely future potential of the remote patient monitoring software vendors market spanning the next ten years. The study also includes an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various industry stakeholders involved in this area.

The worldwide burden of disease has clearly increased in recent years. More importantly, the inability to report a health problem to a doctor in the early stages is expected to cost more USD 90 billion in excess and more than USD 40 billion in productivity loss, every year.

In addition, a number of individuals who have to visit hospitals regularly to check their health, such visits create additional financial burdens. The concerns mentioned above can be reduced by switching to a home care environment. Amid recent initiatives in this context, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has emerged as a powerful and sought-after alternative in healthcare. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has evolved significantly due to the need and urgency to treat patients using telemedicine and digital platforms.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technologies allow patients to be monitored for a wide variety of diseases virtually anywhere in the world. It is worth noting that medical researchers have access to large amounts of health data on special cloud servers designed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. In addition to improved quality of care and better access for the patients, remote patient monitoring ( RPM) easy implementation, leading to significant time and cost savings (by eliminating the need for transportation and waiting in line to meet the doctor).

Given the various benefits that remote patient monitoring (RPM) offers, healthcare organizations are gradually becoming more receptive to using such software solutions for their regular use. In fact, the recent surge in demand for remote monitoring amid the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a strong incentive for organizations to move towards using consultation tools and remote patient monitoring software.

In fact, a recent survey shows that more than 50% of healthcare consumers would consider using Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions as part of their medical treatment, if recommended by their doctor. Over the years, telemedicine start-ups have experienced significant growth.

These companies are engaged in providing customized solutions along with the remote access of medical care facilities to the patients. It is worth noting that approximately 90% of healthcare organizations have invested or plan to invest in remote patient monitoring systems.

Given the rising trend of remote patient monitoring software solutions in healthcare and the continuous efforts of software vendors to further improve/expand their respective offerings, we believe that the market for remote patient monitoring consultation tools and software vendors is likely to grow steadily. develop. pace, until 2030.

One of the main objectives of this report was to evaluate the current opportunities and future potential of the market for remote patient monitoring consultation tools and software vendors over the next decade. We have made an informed estimate of the likely evolution of the market in the short to medium and long term, for the period 2021-2030.

Key questions answered

  • Who are the leading players in the development of remote patient monitoring tools and software?

  • What type of software is most commonly offered by remote patient consultation tools and software vendors?

  • What kind of partnership models are commonly used by stakeholders in this industry?

  • What is the relative competitiveness of different remote patient monitoring software solutions?

  • What is the potential cost saving potential of using remote patient monitoring software?

  • What are the main challenges stakeholders in this sector are currently facing?

  • What are the expected future trends in remote patient consultation tools and software vendors?

  • How are current and future market opportunities likely to be distributed among key market segments?

  • What is the likely impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the overall remote patient monitoring market?

Main topics covered:



3.1. Chapter overview
3.2. Introduction to Telemedicine
3.3. Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits
3.4. Restrictions related to remote patient monitoring
3.5. Regulatory Considerations for Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions
3.6. Closing Notes

4.1. Chapter overview
4.2. Remote Patient Consultation Tools and Software: General Market Landscape
4.3. Remote Patient Consultation Tools and Software: Solution Provider Landscape

5.1. Chapter overview
5.2. Players based in North America
5.2.1. BioTelemetry
5.2.2. Play AreaHertz
5.2.3. Masimo
5.3. Players based in Europe
5.3.1. Fat
5.3.2. LifeWatch
5.3.3. Medtronic
5.3.4. Siemens Healthineers
5.4. Players based in Asia-Pacific
5.4.1. Transtek Medical

6.1. Chapter overview
6.2. Partnership models
6.3. Remote Patient Consultation Tools and Software Vendors: Recent Partnerships and Collaborations

7.1. Chapter overview
7.2. Types of financing
7.3. Remote Patient Consultation Tools and Software Vendors: Funding and Investment Analysis
7.4. Closing Notes

8.1. Chapter overview
8.2. Methodology
8.3. Assumptions / key parameters
8.4. Product Competitiveness: Software as a Service
8.5. Product Competitiveness: Software as a System

9.1. Chapter overview
9.2. Key assumptions and methodology
9.3. Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions: Overall Cost Saving Potential
9.4. Conclusion

10.1. Chapter overview
10.2. Forecasting methodology and key assumptions
10.3. Global Market for Consultation Tools and Software Vendors for Remote Patient Monitoring, 2021-2030
10.4. Remote Patient Consultation Tools and Software Vendors Market: Breakdown by Type of Application Area
10.5. Breakdown by therapeutic area
10.6. Distribution by purpose of software
10.7. Breakdown by business model type
10.8. Distribution by geography

11.1. Chapter overview
11.2. Impact of COVID-19 on telemedicine and remote patient monitoring
11.2.1. Impact on Future Remote Patient Monitoring Market Opportunities
11.3. Recovering initiatives from key players
11.4. Business Recovery Strategies
11.4.1. Short/Medium Term Implementation Strategies
11.4.2. Long-term implementation strategies

12.1. Chapter overview
12.2. Strengths
12.3. weak points
12.4. Opportunities
12.5. Hazards
12.6. SWOT Factor Comparison


14.1. Chapter overview
14.2. AltumView System
14.2.1. Business Snapshot
14.2.2. Survey transcript: John Wue, Co-founder

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