Customs officers confiscate drug ingredients worth 40 million rand at OR Tambo International Airport

SARS customs officers confiscated R40 million of ingredients used to make medicines at OR Tambo International Airport.

  • Customs officers confiscated 40 million rand of the ingredients used to make the drugs.
  • Officers confiscated more than 132 kilograms of calcium hydroxide used to make crystal meth.
  • The Hawks family arrested two people after they were found.

Customs officers confiscated R40 million of ingredients used to make drugs during a seizure at OR Tambo International Airport.

South African Revenue Service (SARS) customs officers confiscated 67 pieces of calcium hydroxide – used to make crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as TEC – at an airport charging station.

The payload weighed more than 132 kg and was valued at about 40 million rand.

SARS said in a statement:

The customs detection dog unit has been deployed to perform routine inspections on an incoming cargo flight. While observing the collection of goods, it was noticed that the driver of the car was behaving suspiciously. The driver was transporting goods from two boxes to his car.

The officers approached the driver and demanded an inspection.

“Officers found 67 items of an unknown substance originating in Addis Ababa. A drug test kit was used on the contents, which tested positive for crystal methamphetamine. The goods were declared as personal baggage,” the statement read.

The hawks were alerted and the substance was retested to confirm that it was calcium hydroxide.

The importer and the driver were arrested. A criminal case has been registered with the police for further investigation.

SARS Commissioner Edward Keswetter praised the efforts of the team that intercepted the material. “If no measures were taken, our country and our youth would be exposed to the danger of drugs,” he added.

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