Dateline shows case of woman who went missing after moving to California

The family of a 20-year-old Indiana woman who recently moved to California is now frantically searching for their loved one after losing contact with them.

Lateche Norris was reported missing by her family on Nov. 10 and has not had any contact with them for more than two weeks, her mother Cheryl Walker told Dateline. According to Walker, Norris has checked in often, and two weeks of silence is highly unusual.

Norris and her boyfriend, who grew up in California, moved to Santa Cruz this summer. Both were looking for work as a tattoo artist, a burgeoning career for Norris. She returned to Indiana for the Halloween weekend, then flew to San Diego to meet her boyfriend.

“We didn’t like the idea of ​​Teche going that far,” Norris told Dateline. “But California was her dream—an Indiana girl’s dream. So she went.”

On Nov. 5, Walker says her daughter called “from a stranger’s phone.” Norris is said to have said that she got into an argument with her boyfriend the night before and now needed her mother to get her boyfriend’s phone number for her. She didn’t say why she didn’t have her own phone.

Norris said she would call back, but never did, according to her mother. Attempts to contact her boyfriend also went unanswered.

Walker believes Norris’s last known location was a 7-Eleven on Park Boulevard in San Diego. She may have been wearing black leggings, a black sweater and tennis shoes. She has a tattoo of an arrow on her left arm, a dreamcatcher on her left shoulder and words on her knuckles.

A San Diego Police Department spokesman told Dateline they have an open case but do not believe Norris is at risk. However, her family disputes this characterization.

“Something is wrong,” Walker told Dateline. “Now the days fly by without hearing from her. And we’re terrified.”

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