“Donita, you’re short…”: The “fake” journalist insults Meloni

Many like to wear the shoes of the victim and recently there have been several demonstrations of this kind. But what is undoubtedly most noticeable is the independent journalist Julia Cortez, who has been basking for days with the messages of solidarity she received after Georgia Meloni Deconstructs the fake news you helped spread. Rather than merely apologizing to the leader of the Brethren in Italy, acknowledging the error, he thought well of increasing the dose with the free insult.

The facts are now known. A composite photo of Georgia Meloni was shared on Twitter with a picture of her Benito Mussolini. This is a still image taken from one of the latest videos shared by the FdI leader, which someone had fun editing by adding the table frame with the dictator’s picture.

This photosynthesis has also been addressed Julia Cortez Who wrote to comment on that photo without giving the slightest indication that it was a satirical or satirical post:Behind his favorite matrix“At that point Georgia Meloni’s denial was inevitable, and he uses a term very dear to a certain left-wing press, expose No fake news:I think that this fake photo, published by a journalist registered in the system, has a unique danger. I have already given authority to my attorney to legally proceed against this vile hoax. Is this a certain left-wing press?!“.

Open heaven. Julia Cortez, immediately enraged at the lynching, shouted: “Dear Giorgia Meloni, media pills The one you created on your Facebook page against me qualifies you for who you are: a little woman“.It would be interesting to understand how, given that the leader of the Brothers of Italy in this case only defended herself from false news who, in a historical and political moment like this, risked contributing to the narrative against her party,” moreover, a few days ago From the run-off in which two centre-right candidates compete in big cities such as Rome and Turin.

but that is not all. It doesn’t pay, Julia Cortez thought well of adding a bit of body shaming to the Giorgia Meloni title, perhaps touching the lowest point in this controversy. “You don’t scare me, Giorgia Meloni. Besides, you are six feet tall. I don’t even see you“…a decline in style is so obvious that even those who are clearly not in favor of the policy of Giorgia Meloni have ruled out this intervention:”The bad thing is that stature is the only thing Meloni can’t stand…The people’s voice was unanimous and bipartisan in condemning him when the journalist wrote:What a slip! It separates me practically everything from Meloni and what it represents, but throws it on the material side, then from the woman, Shame? Nobody? Now you are inside the grilliniBut Cortez continues her story.

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