Dozens of lawsuits filed against Denver over 2020 protests over injuries and arrests

DENVER (KDVR) – Dozens of people associated with the 2020 protests against police brutality have filed federal lawsuits against Denver, alleging that police officers used gas and projectiles against them while they peacefully participated in or monitored protests.

A total of 50 people filed two lawsuits on Monday in US District Court in Colorado. Plaintiffs in both lawsuits are represented by the law firms Beem, Isley and Baumgartner Law.

In each lawsuit, plaintiffs claim in identical language that they were “injured in some way after being targeted, shot, gassed, and/or shot, either indiscriminately as part of a group or specifically by officers accused of participating in support, monitor, document, and/or associate with peaceful protests and demonstrations against police misconduct and brutality.”

One of the lawsuits, representing 42 people, details how each person was targeted with tear gas or pepper balls or was unjustly arrested.

In the second lawsuit, eight people detailed how they were seriously injured during demonstrations by police and their crowd control weapons.

The plaintiffs are asking for money to compensate for their injuries, policy changes, disciplinary action against city employees and “mandatory training designed to avoid future misconduct.”

The lawsuits are the latest in a number of lawsuits filed against officers in response to the protests, including a man who nearly lost a finger during demonstrations, a woman who severed a tear duct and a man who lost an eye.


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