Eagles vs. Buccaneers Live Score, Updates, NFL Thursday Night Football Highlights

Tom Brady has long made it known that he would like to continue playing until he is 50 years old. About a quarter of his 44-year-old season, he has shown no signs of slowing down and has a favorable game ahead against the Eagles.

The Buccaneers are 4-1 right now and occupy the top spot in NFC South, with much of the success on Brady’s shoulders. In his sophomore year at Tampa, Brady leads the NFL in yards and assists so far and is second in touchdowns with 15 to five games. He also just won 411 yards and five touchdowns on his last outing.

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Brady will be without star tight end Rob Gronkowski for the third game in a row, but that might not matter. Even with Gronkowski’s extended absence, the Buccaneers currently sit third in runs scored and total yards. They face an Eagles team that also has one of the worst defenses in the league, which should bode well for Leonard Fournette.

The Eagles come off a 21-18 victory over Carolina, Jalen Hurts’ first fourth quarter comeback to lead the Eagles in his career. Hurts returned the ball once and fumbled once, but also scored two touchdowns.

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Hurts leads the Eagles in rushing yards, an area the Eagles can lean on with tight end Dallas Goeddert on the COVID roster. However, seven skill position players on the Eagles have 100 or more receiving yards this season, so Hurts likes to spread the ball.

The Eagles are looking to come back to .500 and hold onto some ground in the NFC East, while Tampa look to extend their lead in the NFC South.

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Eagles score vs. Buccaneers

T1 T2 T3 T4 OT F
Buccaneers 14 7
Eagles 7 0

Live updates from the Buccaneers vs. Eagles, highlights from “Thursday Night Football”

Final: Tampa Bay 28, Philadelphia 22

11:20 p.m .: The Bucs kneel to end it and will move to 5-1 this season with a 28-22 win.

11:18 p.m .: Brady puts in three yards to bring in the Philly 6’s first and goal and the two-minute warning.

11:15 p.m .: Antonio Brown shoots a 27-yard dart from Brady in third and 7. Huge play to keep the Bucs on track for victory. Ball on the Philly 18 with 2:35 left.

11:07 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN AIGLES. For the second time in as many weeks, Jalen Hurts has two touchdowns on the ground. This one is two yards away with 5:52 to go. Tampa Bay 28, Philadelphia 22 after Quez Watkins caught the two-point conversion attempt.

11:01 p.m .: The Bucs can’t take the fourth down and return it on a Brady knockdown. Philly takes over from its own 46 with 8:59 a.m. to go.

11:00 p.m. After missing the third try, the Bucs offense remains on the ground with the Eagles fourth and -2 of 46.

10.58 p.m .: The Bucs walk near midfield after the Eagles’ failed basket. It’s third and 11th in Tampa 46 for the Bucs.

10:52 p.m .: Jake Elliott’s 46-yarder is pushed to the right and is no good. There remains a 28-14 game with 12:38 to play.

10:51 p.m .: On the third and -8, Hurts takes some pressure and is out of the pocket, but he just throws it in to set up a 46-yard field goal.

22h49: The Eagles finally get a decently sized run, this one 11 yards by Miles Sanders. After a few missed opportunities, he is third and -10 out of the Bucs’ 28.

22h49: Hurts finds DeVonta Smith for his second catch of the night. This puts the Eagles in midfield as they look to make it a one-point game at the end of the fourth.

End of third quarter: Tampa 28, Philadelphia 14

22:42: The third quarter ends as Tampa maintains a two touchdown lead.

10:32 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN AIGLES. Jalen Hurts keeps him in the fray himself and takes 6 yards for the score on the fourth and third. The Eagles have reduced their deficit. Tampa Bay 28, Philly 14.

10:23 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN BUCCANEERS. Fournette finds the end zone, his second TD of the match. 5:47 to play in Q3 after 12 plays and 79 yards. Tampa 28, Philly 7.

10:16 p.m .: Brady fires a missile at OJ Howard again for another first try to put the Bucs in the red zone.

10:12 p.m .: Brady passed the baton to Fournette on the third and the 1 of the Tampa 30 and gained 20 yards to put the Bucs in midfield.

10:07 p.m .: The Eagles leave three times, this time to start the second half. They took him away from their 28.

Halftime: Tampa Bay 21, Philadelphia 7

10:01 p.m .: Some statistics at half-time:

Tampa recorded 16 first downs in the first half, compared to just five for the Eagles. The Bucs also have 233 total yards in the first half while the Eagles have just 73. Each team has turnover and Tampa leads in position from 9:05 to 8:55.

9:49 p.m .: The Eagles come out threes after the interception and Tampa takes over on their own 18 after the punt to end the half.

9.44 p.m .: INTERCEPTION PHILADELPHIA. Brady broadcasts it looking for Antonio Brown on third and -15, but it’s in the hands of Anthony Harris. Philly takes over on its own 32 with 1:14 left in the first half.

9:33 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY. Leonard Fournette scores his second touchdown of the year, this one at two meters. Tampa Bay 21, Philadelphia 7 with 1:56 left in the first half.

9:30 p.m .: Brady hits OJ Howard again for 11 yards on the first down and it puts Tampa well in the red zone after Jamel Dean’s interception.

9:26 p.m .: TAMPA BAY INTERCEPTION. Hurts knocks down a receiver again, this time it’s Quez Watkins. Jamel Dean is there for the easy interception. Tampa Ball Alone 27.

9:23 p.m .: Ertz continues to be a favorite target for Hurts. His second take of the match and this one for a big first down /

9:16 p.m .: After a very long examination, the Philly defense fails an interception but forces a three-and-out as Tampa pushes him back.

9:12 p.m .: The Eagles’ punt was shot at Tampa 39, putting the Bucs in a prime position to strike again and get on the board before half-time.

9:10 p.m .: On the third and 5 of the Philly 22, the Eagles could not convert as Hurts knocked down Ertz and they pushed him back.

9:07 p.m .: The Eagles take over at 17 on the Tampa Bay punt and look to respond again.

End of first quarter: Buccaneers 14, Eagles 7

8:55 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN, TAMPA BAY. Brady throws his second touchdown of the night, a 23-yard game at Brown with 33 seconds left in the quarter. Brady escaped the pressure before hitting a wide open Brown in midfield at Philly 5. Tampa Bay 14, Philadelphia 7.

8:46 p.m .: After the Eagles score, Brady and Leonard Fournette run the Bucs. First and 10 on their 41.

8:41 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN PHILADELPHIA. The Eagles respond with a score of their own as Hurts has tight end Zach Ertz wide open for the touchdown. Philadelphia 7, Tampa Bay 7. The touchdown is the first opening TD allowed by the Bucs all season.

8:40 p.m .: Hurts throws him onto the field at Jalen Reagor and knocks him down on second and 20, but a PI on Tampa Bay moves the ball to the Bucs 5.

8:37 p.m .: On the third and 12th, Hurts hits Quez Watkins for 23 yards and they cross midfield. The pass was tilted by a Tampa defenseman and Watkins adjusted midway through to carry it.

8:35 p.m .: Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts keeps the drive alive on the third and -7s with an 11-yard rush. His status as team leader continues.

8:29 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN BAY OF TAMPA. Brady floated one over Ryan Kerrigan’s head and into OJ Howard’s hands at the back of the end zone. Tampa is first on the board. Tampa Bay 7, Philadelphia 0 with 9:26 left in the first.

8:28 p.m .: Chris Godwin shoots a 10-yard pass from Brady for a first down on the third and -8. Put the Bucs at 6.

8:26 p.m .: Brady is perfect so far in the passing game. 3-for-3 for 47 yards and that puts Tampa in the red zone.

8:24 p.m .: Brady’s first pass of the night goes to Antonio Brown for 9 yards and the first down. Tampa on his 38.

8:22 p.m .: The Eagles won the toss and delayed. Tampa starts the game on its own 25.

Which channel Eagles vs. Is Buccaneers airing tonight?

The game will be broadcast by both Fox and the NFL Network and streamed live on Amazon Prime. Joe Buck will lead play-by-play functions while Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman will join him in the booth as an analyst.

Meanwhile, viewers in Canada can watch the game exclusively on DAZN with a subscription.

Eagles start time vs Buccaneers

  • Dated: Thursday October 14
  • Time8:20 p.m. ET

The game will take place at 8:20 p.m. at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

2021 Buccaneer Calendar

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2 September 19 against hawks 4:05 p.m. Fox
3 September 26 among rams 4:25 p.m. Fox
4 October 3 among the Patriots 8:20 p.m. NBC
5 October 10 against dolphins 1:00 p.m. SCS
6 October 14 to the Eagles 8:20 p.m. Fox
7 24 october against bears 4:25 p.m. SCS
8 October 31 to Saints 4:25 p.m. Fox
9 November 7 Bye
ten 14 november to WFT 1:00 p.m. Fox
11 22 november against the giants 8:15 p.m. ESPN
12 28 november at Colts 1:00 p.m. Fox
13 December 5 among hawks 1:00 p.m. Fox
14 December 12 vs invoices 4:25 p.m. SCS
15 December 19 against the saints 8:20 p.m. NBC
16 December 26 at the Panthers 1:00 p.m. Fox
17 January 2 at Jets 1:00 p.m. Fox
18 January 9 against the Panthers 1:00 p.m. Fox

Eagles Calendar 2021

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2 September 19 against 49ers 1 p.m. ET Fox
3 September 27 at Cowboys (Monday) 8:15 p.m. ET ESPN
4 October 3 against the chiefs 1 p.m. ET SCS
5 October 10 at the Panthers 1 p.m. ET Fox
6 October 14 against the buccaneers (Thursday) 8:20 p.m. ET Fox / NFLN
7 24 october among the Raiders 4:05 p.m. ET Fox
8 October 31 among the Lions 1 p.m. ET Fox
9 November 7 vs chargers 4:05 p.m. ET SCS
ten 14 november at the Broncos 4:25 p.m. ET SCS
11 21 November against the saints 1 p.m. ET Fox
12 28 november among the giants 1 p.m. ET Fox
13 December 5 at Jets 1 p.m. ET SCS
14 December 12 Bye
15 December 18 or 19 against Washington (Saturday or Sunday) To be determined To be determined
16 December 26 against the giants 1 p.m. ET Fox
17 January 2 in Washington 1 p.m. ET Fox
18 January 9 against the cowboys 1 p.m. ET Fox

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