Edelman CCCA Scholarship Financing Expands in 2022-23 | Rowan today

An endowment created by alumni Jean and Ric Edelman, longtime benefactors of Rowan University, has begun to support the academic careers and professional development of high-achieving students in the Ric Edelman College of Communication & Creative Arts with the inaugural selection of Edelman Scholarship- recipients this year.

The funding was created through a $10 million gift from the Edelmans in 2019 that was donated to forever students at the College of Communication & Creative Arts, which was renamed in honor of Ric Edelman, one of the graduates.

“The education and experience we have received from Rowan University has changed our lives,” says Ric Edelman. “My wife Jean and I are grateful for the opportunity to financially support some of Rowan’s many bright students as they prepare for their careers.”

Dean Sanford Tweedie said that thanks to the generosity of the Edelmans, the number of scholarship recipients could triple next year and continue to grow for several more years.

This inaugural class of 14 students, incoming freshmen or transfers from 10 different programs, each received $2,500 in tuition for 2021-22. Tweedie said there could be as many as 40 new recipients by 2022-23 and, with about 1,800 students in college, about 10 percent will eventually have renewable Edelman scholarships.

From January 2022, admitted Edelman CCCA students who meet the eligibility requirements are invited to apply for this scholarship.

In addition to tuition support, funds are set aside to enable students to pursue professional development opportunities such as internships and conferences, invaluable educational experiences for students preparing for communication and creative careers.

Ric and Jean Edelman, who graduated in 1980 and 1981 respectively, founded the country’s largest investment advisory firm today. Today, they operate The Truth About Your Future, a diversified media company that educates consumers and financial professionals about longevity, retirement security, exponential technologies, digital assets, and health and wellness.

Over the years, the couple has pledged some $36 million to the university. Their donations include $1 million for Rowan’s planetarium and $25 million for the construction of a world-class museum in Rowan University Fossil Park. Like the CCCA, both were named after them. Their donations are the largest alumni gifts in Rowan history and the second largest after Henry Rowan.

With the Edelman CCCA grants, the Edelmans will help hundreds of students in the coming years.

“Their gift is truly transformative and will greatly benefit the lives of our students,” said Tweedie.

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