Elections 2021: De Lille aims to DA on affordable housing in Cape Town’s CBD

Good party leader Patricia de Lille.

  • Patricia de Lille, leader of the Good Party, is on the path to war, accusing the DA of being nothing more than “blue liars”.
  • De Lille visited several locations in Cape TownCBD on Monday which claimed that the city overlooks affordable housing.
  • In turn, the Cape Town mayoral candidate, Jordyn Hill Lewis, accused her of trapping Cape Townspeople in homelessness.

The tough relationship between DA and GOOD leader Patricia de Lille has taken a turn for the worse.

That’s after de L’Isle called ex-blue liars in her party while defying them to stop doing housing politics.

Her comments come after a week of defamation during which the Department of Public Works urged her, as Minister of Public Works, to release the Parliamentary Village of Acacia Park in Cape Town in exchange for affordable housing.

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On Monday, de L’Isle and the party’s mayoral candidate for Cape Town, Brett Heron, embarked on a campaign to show Cape Town residents that downtown land paths could be used for affordable housing that Cape Town has put on hold.

She visited two locations in town, one on Royland Street and one at the unfinished bridge in Foreshore.

De L’Isle said the sites were identified when she was still mayor of Cape Town but after her resignation her development plans were scrapped.

“The current DA government is using the excuse that they are unable to build affordable housing in well-located areas because they are waiting for the land to be released by the national government. This is the big blue lie we are exposing.”

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Regarding the release of Acacia Park, she said it was such a complicated proposal, by DA candidate for mayor of Cape Town Geordin Hill-Lewis, who made it clear that the party was not serious about housing.

“These are the tough and immature games that come with a lack of experience. The DA has 84 MPs – 60 of whom have been allocated a house in a parliamentary village. So far, only Mr Hill-Lewis has asked to terminate his lease – but he is anyway He lives in Cape Town.

Heron, who previously served as a member of the municipal transportation committee, said the DA has been in government for a very long time.

Good Party Cape Town mayoral candidate Brett Hero

Good Party Cape Town mayoral candidate Brett Heron

News24 Marvin Charles

“There is no shortage of land for affordable housing in a good location in Cape Town. The government will continue to be serious about implementing affordable housing, using land already in its custody rather than lying that it is waiting for national citizenship. The government is releasing the land” .

Ahead of de Lille’s visit on Monday morning, Hill-Lewis released the results of the detailed research and modeling work the DA has undertaken to address the housing shortage in Cape Town.

It shows that Acacia Park is 72 times larger than the 10 hectares of city-owned sites, he said.

“As Minister of Public Works in the ANC government, de Lille certainly knows all this. Her refusal to release these massive estates for housing thus raises the question as to whether she is deliberately trapping Capetonians in homelessness and housing shortages for purely political purposes.”

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