European Parliament approves $170 million to extend aid to refugees in Turkey


On November 24, the European Parliament gave the final green light to extend a financial assistance program for vulnerable Syrian refugees in Turkey.


With 588 votes in favour, 87 against and 14 abstentions, EU lawmakers approved an amendment to the bloc’s 2021 budget that allotted €149.6 million ($170 million) in additional funding for Syrian refugees in Turkey, the European Parliament said. Parliament known.

The financial aid will expand the bloc’s multipurpose money aid program, which provides monthly transfers to the most vulnerable refugees to cover essential needs for rent, bills, food and medicine.

The emergency social safety net is the largest humanitarian program in the bloc’s history, helping 1.8 million people.

Without the decision, the program would have ended until early 2022, but the additional €149.6 million funded from the remaining margin of the 2021 budget will extend it.

However, the extended scheme will require a total of €325 million until early 2023, according to estimates by the European Commission.

EU Member States already approved the extension of humanitarian aid in September.


Turkey is the largest host country for Syrian refugees, providing protection to nearly 4 million people who fled the civil war, more than any other country in the world.



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