Fire Weather Alert Issued for Parts of East Bay, North Bay

The National Weather Service has issued a fire weather alert for parts of the Bay Area beginning Sunday when high winds and low humidity are coming.

Extending from north Santa Rosa to Gilroy, the weather service expects wind gusts of up to 30-40 mph to hit the region from Sunday through Tuesday night, increasing the possibility of sparks rapidly turning into dangerous forest fires.

Known as an “internal slider” because it originates on land, not water, the weather system will bring little or no moisture to the Bay Area, said meteorologist Cynthia Palmer. Monday could bring the strongest winds, with a second peak expected early Tuesday morning.

Although the higher elevation areas are under the greatest threat, the entirety of the mountains and hills to the north and east of the bay, including the Diablo Range and East Bay valleys, could be affected, Palmer said.

Palmer urged residents to strictly adhere to forest and camping regulations and avoid activities known to cause sparks, such as mowing the lawn or towing.

“Be very aware of one less spark, whatever you’re doing,” Palmer said.

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