Freezing Icelandic skies to bring snow and ‘potentially damaging’ winds to Scotland later this week

Scotland is expected to be ravaged by heavy snowfall, strong winds and falling temperatures later this week.

The vast majority of the country awoke to a calm but cold climate this morning, as the Scots got their first real taste of the winter season.

The Met Office said this was caused by a high pressure area over Scotland.

But the weather is expected to turn worst as low-pressure systems approach from the northwest.

The Met Office said the wind could become ‘potentially harmful’

Experts at the Met Office say this will lead to increasingly colder air.

WXCharts has also forecast heavy snowfall to hit parts of the Northeast and Highlands on Thursday.

The low-pressure tires could also cause gale-force winds in Scotland on Friday, which the Met Office has described as ‘potentially damaging’.

“It’s a quiet start to the week thanks to the high pressure,” the Met Office said.

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“However, low pressure systems will pull down from the northwest and cause increasingly colder air strikes later in the week.

“Friday, very windy weather could develop, with potentially damaging winds in some places.”

Snow is expected again in northern Scotland on Friday and Saturday – with a chance of winter showers in the south of the country.

Temperatures could also drop to -10C on Sunday in parts of the Highlands, with parts of the south seeing the thermostat drop to -6C.

Snow is also expected this week

BBC forecasters have previously said the sudden change in conditions will be the result of cold winds coming from Iceland.

The broadcaster’s forecast for the rest of the month reads: “A wave of colder Icelandic air will pour over the UK in the last ten days of November and continue into the first few days of December.

“The most prominent drivers of this pattern are high pressures in the Atlantic Ocean and a trough over continental Europe.

“A second push of colder Icelandic air is expected to arrive in the second half of the week, causing temperatures to drop further.

“Strong frosts can occur on some evenings towards the end of the week. A few spells of showers and even some patchy snow showers could occur as part of this secondary cold snap, mainly in Scotland, which also saw an uptick in the cold during the week. wind can experience progressing.”


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