From the front, everyone disavowed Vidal’s intention to run for the presidency | “He has a republican rhetoric but a revolutionary practice.”

statements Maria Eugenia Vidal whitening it Together for a change He will go to the Presidency of the House of Representatives if he can win the general elections resulting from rejection in In front of everyone. ‘Institutional coup’, ‘danger to governance’, ‘corrupt’ and ‘thriller’: These were some of the criticisms of the ruling party deputies to the Buenos Aires candidate after it was known that the Japanese bath also had stands in an armchair now occupied by Sergio Massa. FdT deputies and candidates accused Vidal of wanting to influence the presidential line of succession, described his position as a “coup leader” and reminded him that in 2016 when Mauricio Macri was president, the presidency of the council had aligned with Emilio. Monzo although the majority were Peronist.

The things Vidal cannot explain: why he changed counties twice; how he bought an apartment in Recoleta; how they call themselves Republicans and They want to stay with the Presidency of the House of Representatives to put themselves in the line of presidential succession, without obtaining a majority”, they shot Leandro Santoro, the candidate of the FDT Buenos Aires party.

A few hours earlier, through an interview with Twitch, the former governor of Buenos Aires declared: “The opportunity now is to reduce the quorum in both houses and get the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies. That makes a difference and no other political force is doing it. .that can be achieved in Congress.” . Although Santoro was one of the first to respond, there were many, many ruling party candidates who came to answer him.

It is noted that Vidal loves expensive apartments and institutional coups.The cynical Senator Mariano Riccaldi in an interview with the pageAnd he added, “The maneuver is very institutionally dangerous because it threatens the normal functioning of Congress and the initiatives of the executive branch, in addition to placing an opposition leader in the line of presidential succession. And when Vidal says he wants to stay in the presidency,” the House of Representatives warned that the impeachment maneuvers will begin next November and ignore the popular will. expressed in December 2019.” “They seek to position themselves in the line of succession in order to destabilize and cut off the institutional resources of our government. Republican speech but the exercise of a coupHer role was denounced by MP Monica Masha for this newspaper. “The Chamber presidency is a key space in the presidential succession line and must be respected democratically by the popular will that elected a political front to rule in 2019, he added.

Vidal requests the continuation of the vote in the Presidency of Representatives. Think about this: What would have been said if in 2016 with the head of Macri and the Victory Front, the first minority, the same thing was raised? Coup leaders and authoritarians to say the least, but the PRO does it, ”as MP Itai Hagman said. On the other hand, the candidate for the legislator of Buenos Aires, Juan Manuel Valdes declared: “With the same lightness that they change in their region, they endanger governance. They come in for compensation, retirement, and more debt.”

Candidates Carlos Heller and Lorena Boqueck, as well as Paula Benaca and Victoria Montenegro, among other FdT reviewers, also denounced that Vidal and GXC had their “Spirit of the coup”.

However, other figures sought to lower his tone, considering that the opposition coalition could finally go to the place occupied by Sergio Massa in the event that it becomes the first minority. “What is the idea? That the rulers of Cordoba, Misiones, Neuquen or Rio Negro send their deputies to vote for opposition leaders to lead the council? It makes no sense, it will not come true,” analyzed a deputy from Entre Rios Marcelo. Casareto. What Vidal says is A sensational statement, aimed at the most radical voters. It leads us to the right. It’s a coup position, but nothing more: a campaign statement that won’t happen in concrete events, because the JXC won’t be the first minority in December. Representative Hernan Pérez Araujo told this newspaper that the elections would be won by the Tunisian National Front.

Meanwhile, those around Massa argued that the JxC was “within its right” to claim the presidency in the event that it became the first minority, though she cautioned that it would be a “risk”: “the authorities and committee presidencies, as well as inclusion they would arise from one vote, could To leave all or nothing to the opposition. It’s a risk they choose.”


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