George Christensen threatens Morrison’s government agenda over COVID vaccines

“But far more important than my political and personal reputation is the prospect of ending the tyranny, discrimination, segregation, job losses and negative business consequences that are being (or will be) inflicted on my fellow Members. -Australians.”

Other politicians such as Jacqui Lambie have pointed out that vaccination is a way to end lockdowns, keep people safe and described it as a patriotic act to protect others.

Senator Lambie said the Prime Minister should have a clearer pro-vaccine stance.

“This is a serious situation we are in and he needs to stick to his guns and keep going,” Senator Lambie said on breakfast TV on Tuesday.

“But he can’t play both sides of the debate here. We can see what vaccinations do. We’re all getting a taste of our freedoms coming back and he’s got to be very, very solid here. ”

Rules that allowed only vaccinated people to work in some industries or enter some companies were not discrimination, Senator Lambie said, but rather represented a wise choice for adults to take, such as requiring taxi drivers to license to have.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison tried to downplay Monday’s Senate vote, declaring that the Liberal and National parties tolerated dissenting votes.

“We don’t kick people out of our party if they disagree from time to time on things they are strong at,” Morrison said at a news conference.

But in parliament, Mr Morrison also stated that while individual companies have the right to require their staff to be vaccinated, it was not Commonwealth policy to encourage states to impose jabs outside the restricted categories of key figures. .

“We support mandatory vaccines for health professionals, for aged care workers, for the disabled and for those who work with vulnerable people.

“But when it comes to what’s happening in someone’s business, we think companies should make that decision and not be told by the government what to do.”

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