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“I want to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition,” John Lennon said at the end of the show. The Beatles: Get Back, which premieres today on Disney+.

Almost all Fab Four fans have seen Lennon’s joke in the 1970s let it be film as the band wraps up their last ever live performance on the Savile Row rooftop of their Apple Records. But as familiar as the comment and the occasion are, the Peter Jackson restored and renewed three episodes Come back offers a wonderfully new perspective on the Beatles, both professionally and personally.

Or as my video review above makes clear, The Beatles: Get Back rocks!

A triumph of technology and tenacity from the Lord of the Rings director and Oscar winner, the approximately seven-hour docuseries reformulates and remasters what happened between Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Lennon in the recording studio in January 1969.

In recent years, Jackson and editor Jabez Olssen have delved into the 60 hours of footage Michael Lindsay-Hogg captured over 50 years during those recording sessions and on that chilly London rooftop as they played tunes that were both on the let it be and Abbey Road albums.

Again, watch my video review to learn more about my opinion The Beatles: Get Back, which premieres November 25–27 on the House of Mouse streamer.

Peter Jackson on his four-year obsession that led to ‘Get Back’ and really took the Beatles apart

Full disclosure: I was born a huge Beatles fan, sucking from the bottle of the band’s songbook through my British parents from the jump

But as much as I love the Liverpool guys and know the stories of their original hardcore days in Hamburg long ago, I’ve never really thought of them as a rock band. For me, the best rock’n’roll, like the best hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz, afrobeat or blues, is visceral. The music makes you either want to fight or… well, let’s say you get physically intimate with someone you have a consensus with. So in that vein, for me it was always the Rolling Stones over the Beatles when it came to the British Invasion.

No spoilers, just the long and winding road of The Beatles: Get Back flipped that script for me.

Also on the House of Mouse’s menu for some extra Thanksgiving, check out the premiere episodes of the six-part debut in November hawk eye on Disney+ and Season 2 of The big on Hulu.

Starring avengers archer Jeremy Renner and introduces Hailee Steinfeld to the live action MCU, the Jonathan Igla wrote hawk eye doesn’t always hit the bullseye, but it has more than enough arrows in its quiver to hold you back.

Phoebe Fox, Elle Fanning and Belinda Bromilow in 'The Great'

As regards The bigSeason 2 of the far from historic spotlight on the rise of Catherine the Great (portrayed with even more nuance than ever by Elle Fanning) is just the kind of royal romp. The crown could never be. Nicholas Hoult is back as Peter III, but it is the progressive-minded Catherine who is now in power, unstable as that may be. With the addition of Gillian Anderson in what is arguably her most noble role ever as Catherine’s mother, The bigThe 10 episode second season is just awesome.

So have a great Thanksgiving, binge on The Beatles: Go back. If you still have room for more after that, take a little The big or hawk eye this holiday weekend.

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