Go Fund Me set up to help pay Shelly Glover’s legal fees in PC Leadership lawsuit


A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help Shelly Glover with legal costs as she fights for a new voice for the Manitoba PC leadership.

On Thursday night, she raised more than $30,000.

“It’s kind of unique, but look lawyers are expensive, good legal help costs a lot of money,” says Curtis Brown of Probe Research.

Glover confirmed to CTV News that the page was set up on her behalf and that the page has a goal of $50,000.

“Since October 30, when the results of the PC Party of Manitoba Leadership Election were announced, I have been embroiled in the pursuit of justice in the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench,” reads the Go Fund Me page.

“While many, many unusual, irregular and worrying things have happened throughout the election, such as Members who have not received ballot papers and have no opportunity to vote, it is what happened on October 30 that is now before the courts in a expedited manner because all members and Manitobans need to know that the results were inaccurate.”

The PC party has denied that unfairness took place during the elections.

Glover asks donors for a range of $5 to $1,000 or more and some people have taken that to heart with several people donating thousands of dollars and one person has even donated $5,000.

“Based on the results of the leadership contest and what happened, we know that Shelly Glover has some pretty dedicated supporters and this is perhaps more proof of that,” said Brown.

Glover received more than 8,000 votes in the leadership race, losing narrowly to Heather Stefanson.

The court hearing is scheduled for December 10.

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