Havana Syndrome: FBI Warns Staff Amid Reports of Agent Symptoms | FBI

The FBI has warned its employees about Havana Syndrome, a mysterious condition that seems to have affected American diplomats and spies in several countries in recent years, manifesting itself as brain damage.

More than 200 US officials, from the State Department, the CIA and the National Security Council (NSC), have experienced some form of symptoms, including dizziness, nausea and headaches. The phenomenon was first identified in Cuba, but has occurred elsewhere.

In a statement to NBC News, the FBI has now admitted that it has warned its staff about the issue, which it calls Anomalous Health Incidents. The agency called AHI’s reporting a “top priority,” telling the U.S. Network that it “messaged its staff on how to respond if they experience an AHI, how to report an incident, and where to get medical evaluations for symptoms.” or continuing Securities”.

The FBI issued the statement in response to an NBC investigation into a former FBI agent who had reported symptoms of Havana syndrome but claimed to have had trouble getting medical help from the FBI.

NBC said it was the first acknowledgment by the FBI that its agents also reported suffering from the syndrome, although the news organization has previously reported that FBI agents have been affected by the syndrome, including in Vienna, Austria.

There is a lot of speculation about the reality and reasons behind Havana syndrome.

The State Department, the CIA and the Pentagon have all launched investigations, but have yet to reach any conclusions. A report from the National Academy of Sciences last year found that the injuries were most likely caused by “targeted pulsed radiofrequency energy,” raising the prospect of some type of weapon being used to attack U.S. government officials.

Such weapons exist, according to leading experts.

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