He chases the cyclist after the car, slaps him while shouting vulgarity at Serangoon Roundabout

A cyclist was seen harassing other motorists at a crowded roundabout in Serangoon on Thursday night (September 30).

stomper I wear They witnessed the incident at Serangoon Garden Way Roundabout at around 8pm and shared a video.

The video shows a man screaming and hitting a car on his bike, before hitting the moving car. He could also be heard screaming vulgarly.

Don thought the cyclist was trying to confront the driver due to a dispute, but soon realized that he was doing so at random to passing vehicles.

“At first, I thought the guy was tracking a car because it almost hit him,” Stomper said.

“I then realized he was randomly picking cars while doing it again for a second car. He was yelling at the car, pointing at it and even slapping its door as seen in the video.

“This is very dangerous because it is roundabout. It can easily be hit by a car by going behind random vehicles.”


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