House GOP ad targets weak Democrats, fuels row to bring down Biden’s $5.7 trillion agenda

The Republican campaign arm of the House of Representatives launched new ads Monday that hurt 17 weak Democrats with President Biden’s tax hike plans, in an effort to further drive the wedge between moderates and progressives that threatens to derail Democrats’ massive spending bills.

Television ads are airing as Democrats are under threat this week to pass two bills crucial to Biden’s agenda, the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package and the $3.5 trillion Social Safety Net expansion.

The ad reaches 17 occupants with the same message, and opens with an audio commentary referring to Mr. Biden’s remarks about taxes.

“Sometimes even politicians tell the truth,” says the narrator. The next passage in the ad is Mr. Biden saying on the trunk to his supporters, “Guess what, if you’re like me, your taxes will be raised, not lowered.”

The ad targeting Representative Cindy Axney of Iowa ends with the narrator saying, “Prices are going up. Paychecks are going down. Now, Biden, [Nancy] Pelosi and Cindy Axney will only make matters worse with the biggest tax hikes in decades, crushing small businesses and hurting average families. Tell Cindy Axen we can’t stand this.”

Fighting within the party brought both spending measures to a halt. While progressives refuse to support the infrastructure bill without it being attached to the $3.5 trillion welfare package, more moderate Democrats like these poor incumbents from swing districts want to vote on an independent infrastructure bill first.

The larger bill is a tough vote for moderates, who face a penalty from voters for supporting massive spending and high taxes, despite Mr Biden’s assertion that only corporations and the wealthy will pay more taxes.

To offset the cost of Biden’s $3.5 trillion welfare package, House Democrats want to raise the corporate tax rate to 26.5%, while increasing the top rate for individuals to 39.6%.

The proposal raises the higher capital gains rate from 23.8% to 28.8% as well as taxing capital gains upon the death of a family relative.

House Democrats are helping Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi get through the biggest tax increase in decades. With costs already soaring, the last thing middle-class Americans need is for the government to take more money out of their paychecks. Representative Tom Emer of Minnesota, chair of the Republican National Campaign Committee that launched the ads, said voters will hold every Democrat who votes for this reckless tax and spending spree accountable.

Democratic lawmakers are also seeking to press ahead with a temporary spending measure to keep averting a government shutdown on Friday, along with a provision suspending the nation’s borrowing limit until December 2022. It is suspended on Monday.

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