How Rand And Perrin From The Wheel Of Time Kept The Show’s Secrets

Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford and Barney Harris in The Wheel Of Time

Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford and Barney Harris in The wheel of time
Photo: Amazon Prime video

Consider The wheel of time series of books has been around for over 30 years, it makes sense that a television adaptation of the high-fantasy novels would have a rabid fanbase built-in.

but if Wheel stars Josha Stradowski (who plays Rand) and Marcus Rutherford (who stars as Perrin) tell us in the video above that they haven’t actually encountered the fan frenzy, in part because they made the show in Prague during the pandemic. As Stradowski put it:

We’re in a bit of a bubble, you know. When you go online, you start to become aware [of the community]. But if you don’t, then you’re in this creative bubble and you’re just dealing with your character and trying to figure out what the essence of Rand is and what state of mind he’s in. I think that’s up to any actor joining in or not. I think it can also motivate you in a way.

Rutherford weighed in on the pressure to keep secrets, even though some of what’s on the books is decades old. As he told us:

It has been mysterious from the start. Even the audition process was. I auditioned for a man named Peter and… [Josha was] auditioning for Ridhan so all names have changed…I remember [showrunner] Rafe [Judkins] He said that when he was making the show, people were going through his bins looking for scripts and things like that. So we realized then that the fans are extremely passionate. We should keep our mouths shut about some things, because we don’t want spoilers. But like [Josha] said, there’s a really little bubble here in Prague, and I think that’s the best way to keep it real.

New episodes of The wheel of time are available every week on Amazon prime Video. You can read our opinion about the series here.


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