Husband’s bail is set at $150,000 after wife was found dead in Cypress’s home shortly after calling about an intruder

CYPRESS, Texas – A man has been charged with murder after investigators said he initially blamed his wife’s death on an intruder.

Christopher Michael Collins, 41, is currently in the mental health department, but prosecutors read the charges against him in court on Thursday morning. A judge set Collins’ bail for $150,000.

Last Friday, officers said they shot and killed the man’s wife at their Cypress home on the 18000 block of Clayton Bluff Lane after he claimed she was texting him about someone walking through their home. He told authorities that someone had entered their property two weeks earlier.

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Prosecutors said there were no signs of burglary and nothing was taken from the home. They say Collins told investigators he was going to the gym when his wife texted him about the intruder and then stayed for 45 minutes.

Detectives said they later found surveillance videos showing Collins at the gym and found the victim’s wallet and makeup bag in a locker.

Prosecutors allege that Collins and his wife had signed a life insurance policy three days before the murder.

Prosecutors also said Collins was carrying a weapon cartridge, the same type of weapon the coroner says was used to kill his wife.

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