“I have complete faith in the president of the Congress,” Navjot Sido says after the AICC meeting. Tomorrow announcement | India latest news

Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Chairman Navjot Singh Sidhu on Thursday met with All India Congress Committee Chairman Harish Rawat and Congress Secretary General KC Venugopal at AICC office in Delhi and discussed his concerns about party organizational issues relating to the Punjab Congress. Sidhu’s position at the PPCC is expected to be announced on Friday.

Navjot Seydu has clearly stated that the decision of the Congress Chairman will be acceptable to him. The instructions are clear that Navjot Sidhu should serve as the president of the Punjab Congress and set up the organizational structure. “An announcement will be made tomorrow,” Harish Rawat said after the meeting.

Sidhu, who took over the presidency of the Punjab Congress in July this year, resigned last month due to internal disagreements with the party. However, the top leadership in Congress rejected his resignation.

“I have expressed my concern regarding the Punjab-Punjab Conference to the party’s senior leadership. I have full confidence in the Congress President, Priyanka J and Rahul J. Whatever decision he takes, it will be in the interest of the Congress and Punjab,” Saidu told reporters outside the AICC office.

‘Some things take time’

Earlier this week, Rawat informed, in a tweet on Twitter, that Sidhu would meet with them to discuss “regulatory matters” for the Punjab Congress.

“Navjot Singh Seidu and Charanjit Chani have talked about some issues, a solution will emerge… There are some things that take time,” Rawat said before today’s meeting.

This is the first formal meeting between Seydoux and the central leadership of the Congress since the resignation.

Meanwhile, Seydoux, yesterday, told reporters that he was always grateful to the party’s senior leadership for “facilitating” him, but stressed that “concessions can never be made.”

“I have adoration with Punjab. What is the meaning of ‘Ashq’? People think it is a material thing. No.. It is separate from all relations and this is my kind of ‘adoration’ for Punjab. Those who understand that ‘adoration’ of Punjab will not make any allegations against me.” .

“Everywhere has been deservedly ignored. In politics, 5 can be converted to 50 and 50 can be converted to zero… I will always be grateful to them. But how can I move forward by making concessions? This system stands like a beast,” he said.


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