If counties want to send patients to LA, increase vaccination

To the editors: We sympathize with the plight of hospital workers in Fresno and other parts of Central California with the massive increase in COVID-19 patients in their hospitals. (“With Hospitals Full, Central California Begs to Send COVID-19 Patients to LA,” Nov. 23)

But it’s very difficult to sympathize with the vast majority of those people in the hospital who refuse to be vaccinated.

We will never get rid of this terrible plague unless more people get shots. Many of us hold the same people responsible for all of our limitations.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to mimic our national divisions over politics.

Kris Sullivan, Los Angeles


To the editors: I read with some sympathy that doctors in Central Valley are begging to send COVID-19 patients to Los Angeles County hospitals because theirs are overcrowded.

Perhaps it would be better for Central Valley counties to more effectively promote vaccines to their residents. With a low enough percentage of people getting vaccinated, a high caseload is inevitable.

Enough political nonsense about ‘freedom’. Get your voters vaccinated en masse and stop looking for a rescue package from other provinces.

Paul Moser III, Palm Desert

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