Indonesian Armed Forces Commander Responds to Gatot Nurmantyo’s Allegation on Issues of Communism Infiltrating Military Institutions reporter, Geeta Erawan

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces, Marshal Hadi Tjijanto, responded to the issue of communist infiltration into the Armed Forces, which was raised by the former Commander-in-Chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces (retired) Gatot Nurmantyo regarding the demolition of a number of statues of military figures in the Dharma Bhakti Museum in Kostrad.

Hadi considers Gatot’s statement as a great advice for active TNI soldiers to always be vigilant so that a dark history does not repeat again.

He said that as an institution, TNI always directs that mental and ideological factors are vital.

For this reason, he said, intense monitoring of left-wing radicals, right-wing radicals and other radicals both internally and externally has always been on the main agenda.

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Hadi also stated that he did not want there to be an argument in this regard.

This is because he believes that the matter cannot be proven scientifically.

When confirmed by journalists, Hadi said, “I don’t want there to be an argument about things that cannot be scientifically proven. The statement cannot be based solely on the presence of a statue somewhere. In fact, this issue has been clarified by the relevant institutions.” On Monday (9/27/2020). 2021).

Previously, Gatot Nurmantyo stated that evidence of the communists still existed in Indonesia, especially in the institutions of the Indonesian National Army, which can be seen through the disappearance of a number of items in the Dharma Bhakti Museum, Kostrad headquarters, Gambir, Central Jakarta (Jakarta).

The items removed, according to Gatot, were related to the eradication of communism in the country during the Old Regime era.

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