Instead of running, try these home cardio exercises for a fit body

Fitness is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that you blindly follow all the trends on the internet. Without an understanding of one’s body, following exercise routines can be dangerous. While some people like to run, others prefer going to the gym and lifting weights. Running early in the morning has a number of health benefits, but if you’re a little lazy to get up for it or if you don’t have the stamina to run long distances, it’s not the end of your health regimen. Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines shared her dislike for running in her recent Instagram post.

She started her post by mentioning that she doesn’t run because it’s not relaxing for her. Kayla prefers to walk at a faster pace. “I can’t understand how people like running, but most people probably can’t understand how I like burpees,” she joked in the caption.

Kayla went on to say that if for any reason, from lockdown to inclement weather, people are unable to go for a run, they can resort to an alternative cardio session. Kayla shared some cardio exercises without equipment and said the routine can be performed at home using body weight. The exercises include criss cross, high knees, pop squat & twist, rock climbers, half burpee and ab bikes. In the video, all decked out in her gym clothes, you could see Kyla performing all the exercises.

The fitness trainer told her viewers to perform each exercise in 3 rounds for 30 seconds. “And maybe you’ll look at me at the end, where I obviously feel really good,” she concluded.

Cardio exercise has a range of health benefits, from providing a range of motion in the joints to aiding weight loss and mobility. It improves lung capacity, increases energy, induces sleep and strengthens the heart. A 30-minute cardio session in the morning can keep you pumped all day.

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