Ipswich Town: Paul Cook beat Shrewsbury Town 2-1

Ipswich Town coach Paul Cook has declared his new look is still “a long way off where we want them to be” after the 2-1 win at home to Shrewsbury Town this afternoon.

The Blues dominated from the start and broke the deadlock through the 23rd minute rebound of Conor Chaplin. However, in what became a recurring topic, the Blues quickly conceded as Sean Whaley fired in the top corner from outside the box.

Town went into the break, having nearly conceded again, before upping their game after the restart. McCauley Boone’s superb corner kick took the lead in the 54th minute and the Blues comfortably continued to win.

“I’m doing my best not to look stupid, but I’m not happy,” Cook said afterwards, as his team climbed to 14th place in the first league table to cut the lead in stadiums to six points.

“You can’t play as well as we did for 23 minutes, score and then play the next 23 minutes like that.

Conor Chaplin celebrated after scoring to give Town a 1-0 lead.
– Credit: Steve Waller – stephenwaller.com

“This isn’t football. This is a team that thinks they’ve been done enough in the game and is completely out of the gas. It can’t be taken for granted.

“You can see at the end of the game what that means for our fans. You can see how hungry they are for the success of this club.

“We’ve put together a group of really talented players, without a doubt, but we have a long, long way to go.”

For his part, quickly conceding an equaliser, Cook quipped, “Then all the fun begins! Let the fun begin! It’s happened so many times this season. We’re looking for leaders to go up, we’re looking for team character. The hunger that drove us for the first 23 minutes evaporated during the first 23 minutes.” The next 23 minutes.

“Games take phases and phases. You can’t always have complete control. But when the game conflicts with you, you have to have a toolkit that allows you to see those epochs. Are we too informal, we give the ball cheap, we make the wrong decisions and give the opponent a chance.”

“This is not to disrespect Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury took off his socks today, they were always in the match, but after 23 minutes that match should have gone away from Shrewsbury. And that never happened. That’s the disappointing thieves for me.”

McCauley Boone celebrates after scoring to make the score 2-1.

McCauley Boone celebrates after scoring to make the score 2-1.
– Credit: Steve Waller – stephenwaller.com

When asked if he talks to his players during the break, Cook replied, “It’s a good word to talk to them!” I don’t respect Shrewsbury, but we should watch this kind of match way a lot better than us. be.

“We left today feeling like a big win, but after 23 minutes it looked like it would be a comfortable afternoon. Unfortunately, we managed to make anything uncomfortable. That’s not good enough. That’s a long way to go where we want it to be.

“It’s about consistency. I just want to enjoy watching my team play. For five or 10 minutes after we scored, I had no idea what we were doing. For 23 minutes, our habits were here and then down there.

“We’ll say a few things in private and work with the players so we can play after that we’re all on the same page.

“The moment we read different books sometimes.”

In a later interview, Cook said, “I’ll always go out and be as honest as possible. For 23 minutes that’s probably as good as you’ve seen us play this year. Everything about us seemed good, we’re scoring, and then I don’t know what’s on their mind for the next 10 minutes.”

“We talked about the importance of scoring again, playing in their half, being aggressive, getting the second balls…but there is just confusion coming into the team. That was evident in Accrington last weekend, that was evident in the second half, the first half today. .

Conor Chaplin after teammate McCauley Boone had scored to make the score 2-1.

Conor Chaplin after teammate McCauley Boone had scored to make the score 2-1.
– Credit: Steve Waller – stephenwaller.com

“Yes, a big credit to the players, we won and got a result. Our fans left the field jubilant – and I can’t thank them enough, the pitch was rocking – but as a coach I understood I enjoyed watching our team play. Today I’m back not enjoying them.”

When asked if it was a mental problem, Cook said, “One hundred percent it’s mental! One hundred percent! You’re not that good and then you decide to say ‘Okay we’re doing really well, let’s go and not be that good’.” About habits The best teams have the best habits It’s about repetition and mindset.

“Right now we have a really great group of players. Believe me, they are really good guys out there, good players. But our mentality of being a good team isn’t there yet. That’s something we’re going to work on.”

With Boone scoring his ninth goal of the season, the Blues boss said: “I’m happy for Macaulay, but you’re winning as a team.

“It’s a long season. After every game I have to talk. There is always a debate. I see we are a whole new group of players who are still learning. We show signs of being really good and moving forward, but then we show a few signs that I don’t like them, and they are signs we will focus on, one hundred percent.

“I came here to do something. I don’t sigh when we lose. My job is to improve the team with the coaches and staff. That’s what we do.

“We will continue to work hard to be more consistent.”

He continued, “We went through great situations in the match. We worked hard on the places we could hurt them, the change in play, moving the midfield, and then some of the decisions we make … We help the opponent.”

“I don’t respect Shrewsbury. Steve (Cottrell) was a good coach, he’s a good coach and these are good players to play against. But after 23 minutes you’d expect us to go ahead and win two, three or nothing. Let’s get it right. We looked comfortable.

“But we went into the first half and the match was in balance. It shouldn’t be like that today.”

Asked if this meant there was a lot to come from his side, Cook added: “Let’s see. I just told the players in no uncertain terms that we have to work hard.”

Was he happy with the way his team managed the game after taking a 2-1 lead?

“After what I told them at halftime they had no choice!” He said. “I wouldn’t have scored so far if I were them! Football is about mentality.

“You guys are probably going to come by now and when we score you’re probably going to go ‘Oh, the next 10 minutes are going to be fun! “It is not the small mistake that matters, but it contributes to the bigger picture. Each of them should be stressed.”

How was the mood in the dressing room at half-time?

Not very good, Cook said. “But that’s what it is. As you say, it’s winning streak, which is great. The league is what it is. I respect every team we play, but it has a lot to do with what Ipswich Town is going to do,” he attends at the moment. This worries me because throughout my managerial career I have always known what my team would produce.

“You don’t always win, I understand, I don’t have a problem with losing, but I didn’t enjoy the way we lost at Accrington last weekend and I didn’t enjoy the second half of the first half today.”

With Matt Penny out in the second half, Cook explained: “The hamstrings were in a stretch and we had the opportunity where if at least Toto (National) continues, we know if there are some balls entering the penalty area late. defend it.”

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