Killarsh: A mother, two children and a friend died as a result of a “violent attack” | UK news

Four people were found in a home in Killamarsh killed as a result of a “violent attack” in a dream, an investigation heard.

John Paul Bennett, 13, and Lacey Bennett, 11, their mother Terry Harris, 35, and Lacy’s girlfriend Connie Gent, 11, were killed at a home in Derbyshire on September 19.

Damien Bendal, 31, has since been charged For committing the four murders, a Crown Court judge brought him back to pretrial detention.

Killarsh accused Damien Bendal

An investigation, opened in Chesterfield Coroner Court today, heard that a relative of Bendal called Dorset Police to say the defendant had been stabbed.

Police officers met Bendal at Chandos Crescent, Killamarch. After a conversation I entered the house and found the bodies of the four victims.

District coroner Peter Nieto said the investigation would be suspended until the end of the pending criminal trial.

The deaths sparked a wave of grief and tribute from the local community, with about 30 people attending a vigil on Monday after their deaths.

Flowers near the scene in Chandos Crescent, Killarsh, near Sheffield, where the bodies of John Paul Bennet, 13, Lacey Bennet, 11, their mother Terry Harris, 35, and girlfriend Lacy Connie Gent, 11, were discovered on a property in Sabah Sunday.
The death sparked an outpouring of grief

Jason Bennett, father of John Paul and Lacey, told Sky News: “I’m broke, I just want to kiss my kids.

“I just want to kiss and hold them. The Queen of TikTok and my beautiful son, they were beautiful. The cutest people you could ever meet.”

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