Kisan: “You strangled Delhi with your sit-in”: SC to Kisan Mahapanchayat | India news

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The Supreme Court on Friday blamed a group of farmers for stifling the national capital by organizing highway sit-ins against the three farming laws.
The Supreme Court said the farmers prevented not only the movement of people but the armed forces as well.
The reprimand came after Kesan Mahapanchayat moved the court to seek permission to enter Delhi to stage a protest at Jantar Mantar.
Kisan Mahapanchayat is a group of farming community and farmers who are protesting the Three Laws of Agriculture.
He asked the Supreme Council, “You cannot come to court and at the same time continue to protest. Are you protesting against the judicial system?”
The High Court panel, led by Judge AM Khanwelkar, said the protests had betrayed traffic to and from Delhi.
She asked, “Every citizen has the right to freedom of movement. I stopped work. Did I ask residents about protest points if they were happy with the protests?”
In Kisan Mahapanchayat’s appeal seeking permission to organize a peaceful and non-violent “Satyagraha” in Jantar Mantar, the Supreme Court said: “You have strangled Delhi by sit-in protests on the highways…until you blocked the movement of the armed forces and mocked them. Now do you want to Enter the city and create chaos?
The Supreme Court has requested guidance from the Centre, the Deputy Governor of Delhi and the Delhi Police Commissioner to make space.
The Kisan Mahapanchayat said that refusing permission to hold a peaceful, unarmed and non-violent satyagraha at the designated place in Jantar Mantar is a violation of the fundamental democratic rights enshrined as fundamental rights under the Constitution of India.
She said the authorities’ action was “discriminatory and arbitrary” as permission to protest was granted to another farmer’s authority, Sanyukt Kisan Morcha, with it being denied the tiered satyagra organization.
The court asked Kisan Mahapanchayat to provide an affidavit that they are not part of the farmers’ highway protest by Monday.
It agreed to hear their plea as soon as this affidavit was submitted and asked the organization to provide a copy of the petition to Attorney General KK Venugopal.
Earlier Thursday, the Supreme Court reiterated its objection to farmers blocking highways as part of their protest against the three controversial farming laws. Yesterday, the Supreme Committee asked the Center about “How can highways be closed permanently?” and “Where does it end?”
The remarks of the HC came while hearing a plea from a resident of Noida about the difficulty she is facing in commuting due to road closures by farmers. While the Haryana government, which is one of the defendants in the case along with the center, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government and the Delhi government have provided an affidavit saying that they are making “sincere efforts” to end the blockade, the government has informed the court that it is asking farmers to clear the area.


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