Kojima Productions Launches Film, TV and Music Division in Los Angeles, California

Kojima Productions has announced that they are opening a new film, TV and music business in Los Angeles, California.

As GamesIndustry.biz reports (and Kojima Productions linked to on Twitter like their announcement), the new division aims to take their video game IPs to other forms of media and pop culture areas. They are led by Riley Russell, formerly Chief Legal Officer for Sony Interactive Entertainment (and other roles for 28 years), and Executive Vice President of Punumbra, Inc.

“The new division will be tasked with collaborating with creative and talented professionals in television, music and film,” Russell stated, “as well as the more well-known games industry.” He further explained the division’s goals.

“The team aims to expand the reach and exposure of the properties now under development at Kojima Productions and make them even more part of our popular culture. Although we are a global organization, the new business development team will be centered in Los Angeles, CA. We are very excited and looking forward to partnering with the very best entertainment talent we can, across all entertainment industries.”

Yoshiko Fukuda, Business Development Manager of Kojima Productions, added that she: “Finding new ways to entertain, engage and provide value to our fans is essential in a rapidly changing, ever-changing story world.”

“Our new division will take the studio into even more areas where our creative stories are presented beyond video games and open ways for our fans to interact and immerse themselves in these spaces.”

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