Los Angeles Comments: James, Westbrook, Anthony, Morris

LeBron James missed the lakers’ game against the Knicks on Tuesday and felt his one-game suspension was unfair, ESPN’s Dave McMenamin wrote. James Beat the Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart in the face on Sunday and was assessed a blatant 2 foul. The league suspended James on Monday and imposed a two-match ban on Stewart for repeated ‘unsportsmanlike acts’. They were battling for position on a free throw attempt.

“When I swung on his arm, he lost balance and the left side of my hand grazed his face. And I knew right away’ said James. “So I knew right away that I had caught part of his head. So I went to him to apologize to him, and you clearly saw what happened next. But certainly by accident.”

We have more about the teams in Los Angeles:

  • Lakers guard Russell Westbrook recorded a triple-double against the Knicks and a near triple-double against the Pistons. Anthony Davis Westbrook wants to see play with an aggressive style, McMenamin tells in a separate story. “I tell him before every game, ‘Don’t be anyone but yourself. That’s why we brought you here,’” said Davis. “I think he often tries to go passive and start to pass the basketball, looking for other guys, which is great, but takes him off a rhythm. And he can do the same for guys while being aggressive.”
  • Carmelo Anthony averages 15 PPG in his new role as the lakers’ preserve. Playing for the veteran minimum, Anthony has proven he can be effective from the bench after being the No. 1 for most of his career, as McMenamin points out. “I’m still doing it here”, said Anthony. “I think that’s what I’m honestly excited about. I am here in year 19 and still doing what I can. Still passionate about the game. Still passionate about going to work every day and getting better.”
  • Marcus Morris felt good after playing 31 minutes for the clippers on Tuesday, according to Andrew Greif of the Los Angeles Times. Morris had missed a month due to knee pain. “Take a month off, I think I looked good myself,” he said. “Shots will come, rhythm will come, I’m a veteran, I felt great to be there.”

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