Luke brings new content to Street Fighter 5 and prepares us for Street Fighter 6

Capcom hit us this week with their last major update stream for Street Fighter 5, when they fully showcased the last character slated to join the game’s roster: Luke.

While there’s a lot more to learn about this newcomer, we’ve got quite a bit to discuss when it comes to his appearance, role in the franchise’s story, gameplay in Street Fighter 5, and the implications he may be hinting at for Street Fighter 6.

After reviewing and studying the aforementioned showcase, Catalyst and I discuss each of these aspects of Luke in the latest segment of the EventHubs Podcast.

Capcom has prominently promoted the significance of Luke beyond just Street Fighter 5, noting notably that he will be a key player in their next Street Fighter project.

We describe how this new fighter seems to be settling things for a transition to Street Fighter 6, both in terms of how he plays and how he can advance the overall story.

Check out the full segment via the embed below and share with us in the comments section (although preferably on YouTube along with a like and subscribe) what you think of Luke, as well as the observations and speculations we offer about him.

00:00 – Intro
02:42 – Luke’s visuals and appearance
06:47 – Luke’s Story Developments
11:01 – MANSCAPED Ad
13:39 – How Luke plays
20:42 – Street Fighter 6’s universal mechanic?


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