Matt Rhule: Good teams don’t give up 190 hasty yards

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The Panthers took a big win in Arizona in Week 10, but they crashed to Earth at home on Sunday against Washington.

Washington amassed 190 rushing yards and controlled the ball for nearly 36 minutes in a 27-21 win that puts Carolina 5-6 on the season. She has that with several teams trying to get one of the last playoff spots in the NFC, but head coach Matt Rhule made it clear on Monday that the team won’t be in that mix for long if they keep playing that kind of defense.

“My message to the boys is play great football and everything will come naturally,” Rhule said via Darin Gantt of the team’s website. “You can’t give up 190 yards rushing and say we’re still in the race. Good teams hardly give up 190 yards. Turn right? So let’s clear that up, let’s get the football right. It is not about [Christian McCaffrey’s] back, [Cam Newton’s] back, it involves a whole team. The whole team has to perform. It’s about all of us, and a sense of unity where we play much better.”

The dolphins are available for week 12 and have not had much success on the ground this season. If that changes against Carolina, it doesn’t bode well for the Panthers’ hopes to make it to the playoffs this season.

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