Mauricio Macri will return to the country on October 19 to testify a day later in the Ara San Juan Army spying case.

Former President Mauricio Macri (Europa Press)

previous president Mauricio Macri Finally, he will testify in the court of Dolores as part of the case investigating whether he spied on the relatives of the crew members of the ARA San Juan submarine. “It arrives at 19 and the 20 . is served″ confirmed today Hernan Lombardi, one of his main collaborators, told CNN.

Substitute Judge Dolores Martin Bava has decided To summon the former president, who is in the United States, to make an investigative statement on October 20 after the subpoena failed last Thursday. In addition, Macri announced last week that he will study in the United States, so when he will return to the country is unknown.

“You have to be objective, do you know a judge who prevents a not-guilty person from leaving the country and is summoned for investigation, who also prevents a person known abroad from leaving the country? He also says that he could not find the home address, he would have to send evidence to locate him or look at Google Maps. At a certain level, the nineteenth arrives and the twentieth day appears for the said date, ”emphasized Lombardi.

Regarding the first summons, the former president was not notified until Wednesday afternoon. It was through cédula he got it Juliana Awada And through the nursery Dario Nieto His private secretary and candidate for the legislature in Buenos Aires, Judge Bava also recorded on file.

Mauricio Macri on file (EFE / JuanJo Martín)
Mauricio Macri on file (EFE / JuanJo Martín)

Regarding his academic activities abroad, Macri reported that he accepted the proposal Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom (Florida International University) to participate in the chair as the former president. It will be in the US for much of the first half of 2022, particularly in Florida. The Vice President has criticized this ad Christina Kirchner For the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kiselov.

The call was made by Carlos Diaz-Rosillo, a former adviser to Donald Trump: “His experience as president of Argentina and his leadership in implementing free market policies provide the perfect blend of the kind of leaders we seek to engage with, he argued in a message.

The former president himself referred to the call on his social networks: “It is a great honor to join the Adam Smith Center in 2022 to interact and be a mentor to future leaders in the field of public policy design, with a special focus on the progress of Latin America.”

Stayed in the United States, in recent days, Macri shared a meal with the former Minister of Economy, Nicholas Dugovny, whose photos spread on social networks. Before presenting his book “Primer Tiempo”. In that country, he learned that a Dolores judge had summoned him for an investigative statement. It was through alert Infobae You entered it on your cell phone.

Judge Bava – who replaced the court led by Alejo Ramos Padilla – signed the first subpoenas to investigate Macri in his role as former head of state. It seeks to determine whether the government sought to control the movements of victims’ families through the Federal Intelligence Agency between the end of 2017 and December 2018. The complaint was motivated by the intervenor. Christina Camanyo.

In the same decision in which Macri was summoned for investigation, two former AFI executives, Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, were prosecuted, along with a range of intelligence authorities and spies. “The highest positions in the Federal Intelligence Agency – in the period of investigation – were those who carried out the planning, organization and distribution of information illegally produced by the delegation of Mar del Plata; which reached the top of the national executive,” he noted in that decision.

Macri is charged with six incidents, which are being reported Photos, searches on social media, follow-ups, infiltration of rallies and testimonies. As estimated by Bava, These measures were not related to the security of the president, but were tasks.”illegitimate communications who sought to control protests and influence public opinion in the face of proposals made by relatives of ARA San Juan crew members for answers and help in locating their loved ones.

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