Migrant crisis: you don’t mean it, Emmanuel Macron tells Boris Johnson after a letter of demands | News

President Macron accused Boris Johnson of not taking the Canal crisis seriously after the prime minister’s letter on Twitter deepened the diplomatic spat between the two nations.

Last night, Johnson tweeted a list of British requests from France. Macron said he was “surprised” by Johnson’s decision to make the letter public, calling his demands “not serious”.

“You don’t communicate between leaders through tweets and open letters that are made public. This is not serious,” Macron said.

Vigil held for migrants who died trying to cross the Channel

France has blamed Britain’s failure to enforce immigration laws for exacerbating the migration crisis in the Channel and failed to invite Priti Patel to a crucial meeting on Sunday.

The proposals in Johnson’s letter include setting up joint patrols and a new bilateral agreement to:

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