‘Model minority’: Los Angeles Times takes another racially charged photo against Larry Elder

A Los Angeles Times columnist criticized the Republican on Monday Larry elder as a “model minority,” the latest racially charged strike against the impeachment candidate from the state’s largest newspaper ahead of Tuesday’s special election.

The opinion piece of Frank Shyong declared that mr Higher was the “incarnation” of the “model minority”, which he described as those who “sell their own people,” for example, promoting hard work rather than blaming racial profiling.

The merits of the article aside, what was surprising was the opinion page’s decision to publish another opinion piece attacking Mr. Higher racially motivated despite the backlash on his earlier columns describing he as the “black face of white supremacy” and warning that “if Larry elder is elected, life will get harder for Black and Latino Californians. “

Even CNN host Brian Stelter, who is not a friend of conservatives, indicated On Sunday the anti-Elder slant after interviewing Los Angeles Times columnist Jean Guerrero, who had said Mr. Higher he embraced a “white supremacist worldview.”

“Clearly, the opinion people of the LA Times, you and others, have been very against Elder,” Stelter said in “Reliable Sources.” “We will see what impact, if any, it has had in two days.”

Being routinely criticized as a traitor to his career by the West Coast’s most dominant newspaper could well have an impact on the election, which has been trending for several weeks in favor of California Governor Gavin Newsom, having previously been in statistical tie territory.

Mister. Higher, the republican favorite, answered at first using humor: shortly after the white supremacy column, he posted an ad with a picture of himself in college with a stunning afro and asked, “Do I look like a white supremacist?”

Since then, however, he has torn the media coverage of its campaign, including the silent response to Wednesday’s incident in which a fair-skinned woman in a gorilla mask threw an egg at he during a tour of the homeless camps in Venice.

“If I had a ‘D’ at the end of my name, this would have been a hate crime. They would have had a manhunt for she. They would talk about this in Bangladesh, ”said Mr. Higher he said on Monday in the election campaign. “But since I have an ‘R’ at the end of my name, a lot of the mainstream media didn’t care about a thing.”

Others also condemned the coverage. Fox News contributor Leo Terrell said the “white woman in a gorilla mask attacking Larry elder and its Campaign personnel are racism in its purest form. The media is silent because Larry elder he’s a black conservative. “

“It is difficult to imagine the reaction of the mainstream media if a white woman in a gorilla mask threw an egg at Barack Obama. A gorilla mask? How much more racist can you get? “asked Derrick Wilburn, founder of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives.” However, since this was Larry elder, an African American with the audacity to hold conservative views and run for office as a Republican, they chose to mostly ignore history. “

The Los Angeles Times itself ended up becoming a part of history, not by ignoring it, but by initially publishing a headline and photo that suggested Mr. Higher was the aggressor.

The first headline read: “LAPD is investigating an altercation involving Larry elder at the Venice homeless camp ”and showed a photo of Mr. Higher with its hand in the face of a supporter.

The woman, Venice community organizer Soledad Ursua, lashed out at the newspaper and tweeted: “Are you kidding me? Are you using this image to make it look like @larryelder is slapping me? “

“He was attacked by a white woman wearing a gorilla mask,” said Ms Ursua, who appears in an ad in favor of the souvenir. “Are you covering up for the racists? Disgusting.”

The Times changed the photo to one of Mr. Higher leaving the egg toss scene with the masked woman in the background, as shown in screenshots released by Fox News and California Insider.

Last month, the Times news pages ran a Article about mr Higher using the n word during a 1990s comedy club routine in which he taunted OJ Simpson defense attorney F. Lee Bailey for speaking while questioning a witness.

Two people were cited criticizing Mr. Higher in the article, which included a paragraph that questioned the “pronunciation of the N word by the old man.”

He he used an exaggerated tone, enunciating the ‘er’ at the end of the word instead of using the pronunciation ‘a’, which is more commonly accepted and used by blacks, studies have shown, ”says the August 20 story. .

The firm listed subway reporter Julia Wick and columnist Erika D. Smith, which is unusual: Opinion writers generally don’t write news. Also, Ms. Smith is hardly even-handed to the candidate, having written on August 20 column, “Larry elder It is the black face of white supremacy. You have been warned. “

The Washington Times has contacted the newspaper seeking comment.

Mister. Higher, who grew up in south central Los Angeles and has written a syndicated column since 1998, said he has never had a friendly relationship with the Times, although in the past the newspaper largely ignored he.

He said the times never worked its column, while both the Los Angeles Daily News and the Orange County Register have; ever reviewed any of its half a dozen books, two of which were bestsellers; and never covered its 2020 documentary “Uncle Tom”.

“All I’m saying is that the LA Times has never been a fan of Larry elder, ” he he told The Washington Times. “I guess it’s because I’m not a victim. I guess it’s because I’m a black person who doesn’t believe racism is a major problem in America, and the LA Times believes in systemic racism, critical race theory, reparations, all these kinds of things are vital. ” .

After he made those comments in the election campaign, the Times backed off with a mass revision by former book editor David L. Ulin calling Mr. Elder’s books “nothing if not consistent, recycling the same outrage over the same problems, the same straw men (FDR, JFK, the Clintons) and arguments from support”.

Larry elder complained that we had never checked its books. So we did it, whether we like it or not, ”read the September 8 headline.

Other recent opinion columns include, “Larry elder he talks a lot. Too bad you can’t believe anything he says “and” I used to hate being attacked Larry elder. It is now a badge of honor. “

On its Monday column, Mr. Shyong He said “I don’t think Elder’s sudden prominence is an accident.”

“Running a ‘model minority’ candidate will likely become a common electoral strategy for the mostly white Republican Party as it attempts to maintain control of a rapidly diversifying nation,” said Mr. Shyong said.

Sunday staff editorial urging a vote of “no” said that “Higher he doesn’t want to lead, not really; he wants to do what President Trump did at the national level: stoke division and undermine the institutions of the state, ”while on August 22 editorial called him a “budding despot / nutter”.

The page has also sent some letters to the editor from readers disputing its Elder columns.

“If Elder is a white supremacist, then my uneducated and non-English speaking Mexican immigrant parents are also white supremacists,” Juana María Velázquez said in a letter. “They taught their children the same colorblind values ​​that Higher he has advocated for decades. “

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